Blog Update 2018 - not sure if this is same company now that original blog was written about so not an up to date or relevent blog. 

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With all the new releases of CBD Oils hitting the UK market Official Smokah decided to do a new product blog based around a new company that we had the pleasure of trying recently. CBD King is brand-new release CBD oil based e-vape-liquid and is another high end vape cbd liquid thats been added to the CBD oil vape market within the United Kingdom which is growing at an exponential rate. CBD King has quickly established itself on the online forums and has many many interested people around the world who really like the the ethos and intentions of the company and how it portrays itself within the CBD vape world, we have tried and really enjoyed the product when a friend shared some. It has been manufactured from ultra pure Cannabidiol or CBD as its more commonly known and has been certified within the United Kingdom by one of the country's leading and most trusted Bio-Tech Laboratories that have gone on record as stating that this CBD King CBD Vape Liquid or e-juice as its also known is 100 percent free of additives, this is a highly important part of the manufacture of CBD oil and we are really happy that new companies including CBD king go to the effort to prove the item they sell as being high quality, It has zero added chemicals and has no THC whatsoever and is small batch produced to help keep the quality of the e-liquid extremely high and is also independently tested, (a welcome move to deter snake oil) to ensure that the quality as is high as the marketing that goes alongside this product, something that many companies do not do. This jumping through hoops to get the CBD King tested is the best way to gain customer loyalty and ensure satisfaction because in the wonderful world of CBD oil there are many snake oil salesman and we recommend only buying direct or from reputable shops and websites dedicate to the vape world and the vaping industry. Any website or trader that willingly devalues other peoples products are not to be trusted as the quality and freshness of the stock is questionable as is there storage of the CBD oil which will vary from place to place. For me as an independent tester of this product along with my friends who came across a bottle, the above info is very important when thinking about buying a cbd oil based vape liquid, as seasoned vapers we do think that any product not made to EU specifications is probably not so hot as the laws surrounding its production may or may not be as stringent as European and UK law.


In CBD Kings range of Vape liquids there is the new and Totally  wicked flavored flavoursome e-juices that are all CBD based ( although I have not tried) and also the Kings Natural e liquid which is just the pure CBD Oil in a e juice that can be vaporized with ease as no flavour has been used in its production, this came through at the end of the cloud when exhaled and was very pleasant to not have in your face flavours used. So no matter if you want flavoured or unflavoured vape liquids with a CBD content, CBD King has something up its sleeve for you. And just like the e-liquids, all there oil based e-juices are tested and re tested to ensure that the end result is flawless and no sub par juices are released to the general public. For every one of their glass bottles over 100mg of pure unadulterated CBD or Cannabidiol is used, so this e-liquid is perfect for vaping for a number of different conditions. The bottles themselves are completely child proof and come with a handy dropper to get the CBD king vape oil into the tanks, this I found super helpful as the cbd based e liquids i have tried before sometimes came without a dropper and it meant getting a pipette and hand dropping it which can get messy especially when it comes time to put the pipette down on the table and oil drops are all over the shop. Overall the vape experience from using the CBD king was a positive one and I would use it again although there have since been many better cbd liquids thyat I have tried, you just need to do the research and find out if this or any of the other available products are suitable for you.

If you are a fan of e-liquids, especially flavoured ones and you want to add in some CBD to your e-liquids to create different flavour combination at different ratios then we recommend using the Kings Natural for complete ease of use and the ability to create your own CBD oil vaping flavour combos. When vaping with Kings CBD oil you know you are getting a gourmet vape liquid or juice that's is an absolute pleasure to vape with. You will be blowing pure effortless clouds of CBD goodness while relaxing the body and mind in a natural way. What you can expect from CBD KIng E-juices is a great and easy vape, its best used with a vape mod kit like the cool Kanger Sub box Nano that will release the very best from the CBD King Natural e-juice. Whatever you choose to vape, make it a natural organic product if possible for a cleaner vaping experience, no one likes crazy chemicals and colourants that are probably not very good for you. These days there are many many reputable British and American e-liquid artisans that are very pro active with how they produce there stock, usually in small batches and with great care and sterility, CBD oil needs exactly the same treatment and the source of the hemp is as important as the way in which it is extracted and stored for retail. For instance is the base made of olive oil, if so is a high quality one been used and has it blended well. We like trying these new products and have greatly enjoyed vaping with CBD king although there are many different cbd related products out there so read reviews and talk to people who are dedicated to there business, so vape industry forums and cannabis related forums for a big mix of opinion on probably most of the products mentioned above and where is and where is not a good place to buy from, Remember.........     


One of our crew recently heard from a some hardcore vapers about this brand of cbd e-liquid and the tone of there comments was not flattering with the consensus being that these CBD king e-juices don't hold up against other CBD based vape liquids both in flavour and in effect with one guy claiming he actually felt a bit sick after using them, however on further investigation he did try a flavoured CBD king e -juice, i think the one he tried was lemon and lime but CBD King e liquids also come in a Menthol, Blackcurrant, Blueberry & a strawberry & custard flavour. This does seem to be very gimmick orientated and Cannabidiol e-liquids are still new, its all well and good saying that you have a flavoured cannabidiol e-liquid for sale but where does the hemp come from that is used, are certificates provided and is there trust in the brand and the people selling it that's the real question. Also, what flavourings are used and the questions continue

Considering the information available online we recommend going for non flavoured authentic cbd e-liquid products that come with all the necessary product information to let you know what you are ingesting is the real item and not sweetened up snake oil. For instance the websites selling it say it comes certified etc and we also thought it did on first reviewing but as yet there has been no published certification made public to consumers about the ingredients used or effectiveness of the product and of course a massive question, where is the hemp from that is used in production of the CBD king cannabidiol e -liquids.

One website claims many things but as yet have not produced one scrap of info to back it up. How was the CBD extracted, has it then been stored correctly, what's the shelf life like. Does it have diactyl in it. So many unanswered questions and no information provided apart from generic sales nonsense. So again we really stick to our recommendation that before purchasing any cbd based elquid you research the company selling the product and the company who manufactured it, if there is little information given, its likely that way for a reason, primarily to sell a product to people and remove people of there hard-earned money on a product that may or may not be what you require. Also, considering CBD is a health related supplement, why go for a product that looks like its was designed to be sold to kids. You want an honest fully information friendly CBD liquid that comes from people based in the hemp and CBD industry - is CBD king flavoured cannabidiol e -liquids right for you - only you can decide. For us the answer is no especially as it 1% CBD per bottle or 100mg.


  • Absolutely no Chemicals or Additives Added to this vape liquid - we wouldn't try it if it did - but can they prove this - certificates needed to prove the marketing. 
  • Cbd Oil by CBD King - we liked it but have had conflicting reports, for more info go to Planetofthe for vape forum information on the sellers and the products.
  • 100% FREE from THC - usually its 0.2% - again no certified evidence of this- is it legal and non psychedelic. 
  • Independent Certification by the leading laboratories in the UK - always a good thing but none actually provided - it could just be e liquid flavoured with grass for all we know. If you state a product is certified etc etc then provide it, all the big boys in this industry do.
  • Big Vapor Clouds - from the VG heavy ratio used - is it organic VG? if not any health benefits may or may not be bypassed.
  • Safe to Use - for over 18's only
  • GMO Free - no to Monsanto :) - but again where is the certificate to prove this.
  • Batch Number Certification - This is good but without the supporting info means very little.
  • Premium Quality Vaping - for Connoisseurs who know there stuff about cbd e liquids they called this a budget product
  • Effortless Vaping - just drop into the tank and vape
  • Best Used With High End Vape Kit like a 
  • Not certified as 100% Pure Cannabidiol (CBD) - beware of snake oil - the marketing says it is but no evidence has yet been produced.