CBD Oil is the new product of 2015, its a really new and niche product that has a lot of hype surrounding it and some really great write ups and reviews within the alternative and the mainstream media but with so much choice out there what is the right product for you and is there a difference between CBD oils and pastes and CBD based E-liquids designed for vaping.  Generally the CBD oils designed to be ingested orally or through suppository form are of a higher quality. The problem is the vape industry has zero regulation so what is sold as being a high end cbd eliquid for vaping could in fact be a red herring in that you the end user will not know the quality of the CBD plus there is likely to be no reference to the origin of the hemp used. For instance its all good to make cbd oil out of hemp, but if the hemp used comes from a Monsanto GMO hemp crop do you really want to be ingesting it. Like all things in the smoking accessory and vape market, there will be people who are investing time and money to give customers the best experience possible and then the re sellers who are only interested in making money at your expense. We recommend always doing plenty of research before committing to a new product or food supplement.

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When buying a CBD vape liquid, you should only purchase from dedicated CBD shops or online business's that are totally vape oriented or you could be deceived by clever marketing and prices but end up with a totally sub par product. Also don't buy CBD e-juices from abroad, if its not produced within the European union then there will be little info or credibility for the product in the English market and when it comes to a health supplement like CBD oil its better to go with products from countries where regulation is tight to ensure you have the best quality CBD Oil possible. Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of info graphics around that give dosage information and advice on what CBD hemp oil can do but everyone is different, so dosages are only suggested as each persons metabolism varies. we think with all new things its prudent to start small and work up the dosage based on how you feel and don't forget that its also product dependent. For instance a high end premium CBD Oil like Endoca is not going to be the same as a generic Chinese made CBD liquid bought from Amazon or eBay.If in doubt contact the seller or the manufacture for more details, remember for such a new and exciting industry, when it comes to CBD oil and e-liquids, information is king.


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Another way of ingesting CBD Oil is through suppositories, yes we all are not keen on the method of insertion lol but the uptake of CBD in the system is extremely quick with very little goodness being lost, yes you may be the butt of many jokes and puns but if you have difficulty swallowing or ingesting the CBD oil normally and perhaps don't want to vape it then suppositories are meant to be very potent with up to 70 percent better uptake than regular methods. Again with a bit of research you will quickly and easily find out what will work for you.


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