Atmos have released many new products of late including the Kiln concentrate vaporizer tank attachment and the Sub-Vers and Sub-Vers mini but there has also been some newer releases since then that have got to be seen and used. If you are a keen vape cloud blowing junkie or if your just into e-cigarettes then making the leap from boring mod tanks like aspire and Kanger to Atmos won't be hard, the quality is high and the usability is very good. When purchasing these products go straight to the source in the UK by buying direct from Pure Sativa, the biggest wholesaler and retailer of alternative products to the UK market, and of course if you buy direct you save any hassle from dodgy websites that undercharge and devalue the products, probably because they are fakes. It pays to pay a little more in the vape and smoking market to ensure the product you are buying is an official product. Please check out the new Atmos products below.


Atmos - 510 Bulb Cartridge



The Atmos 510 Bulb Cartridge takes advantage of new tech and has a unique heating chamber and element to reflect this uptake of modern technology. The heating element is housed in a hardcore titanium base to ensure a increased and smooth vapour experience for your pleasure. This concentrate or wax based vapour tank is made from glass so you can observe the wax consistency as it produces thick vapour, a really handy and cool advancement as nothing beats being able to see what you are doing when you vape, less hassle and less mess. This Bulb is 510 ready and will turn any 510 e-cig battery into a portable wax consistency vaporizer. This has Christmas present written all over it and I would be very happy to receive one. Choose the Bulb 510 cartridge for a better concentrate vape experience. 




Atmos - 510 S12 - Dual Cartridge



Made by Atmos to fit any 510 e-cigarette battery, this sleek and seductive dual coil clearomizer can be used for e-liquids, juices and gels or oils because of the advanced manufacturing process used. The  S-12 uses an advanced airflow system that has a rotating ring to allow air into the vape so users can directly control their own airflow with ease. The fully customizable S-12 can also be fully disassembled for easy and thorough cleaning and its coils in the atomizer can also be removed with ease making the Atmos S-12 a high-end tank that's perfect for any vape connoisseur.