Some people love a good filter, while some prefer using a roach tip, there are even those crazy fools who like using both together to get ultimate tar reduction from their smokes. But does using a filter change the flavour or thickness of the smoke or is it not really noticeable when you inhale. Often it will come down to personal choice but every now and again you will use a filter and think, surely this can be better, i know its removing tar, but is it natural, does it even work properly. Below is a few smoking filter tips of note that we think stand above the rest in terms of usability and ethicalness. In this blog we are going to look at what's hot and what's not, and best believe we will not be using Bob Marley to shamelessly promote any smoking products, its crass and unnecessary and only appeals to the lowest IQ of modern day smokers who we believe are cleverer than that. This blog is not about clickbait.

OCB Organic Hemp Filter Tips

The OCB filter tips are one of the best going on the smoking accessories market and for good reason. OCB was one of the first companies to introduce the natural hemp filter as choice from the traditional plant cellulose filters that are very common, like Swan or Rizla filters. This choice quickly became very popular due to the natural product materials and also the smoking experience when using the filters that cleans the smoke to a point and removes excess tars and pollutants. What it comes down to is this, OCB are a long time known smoking Rolling paper brand that has a romantic and historical image in the minds of most smokers, the fine French made papers are some of the best ever made and the filters are no exception. If you are looking for an easy to use smoking filter then the Natural unbleached filters by OCB are top of their class.


OCB Virgin Filter Tips

The OCB Virgin filter tips are another more recent offering by the famous French company OCB. These new smoking accessory filters are made from the virgin plant cellulose for an ultra clean and authentic smoking experience. The Slim size filters come 150 to a pack and will have you rolling in filters for a while before you need to restock and come in the natural brown colour that makes them stand out as an eco friendly smoking product. The pack is re seal-able so no need to worry about spillages and is a handy size to take out and about with you.

Swan Charcoal Filters

Swan Charcoal Slimline filters have a bit of a following in the UK but where unfortunately removed from sale by swan due to the market being slower than expected, although it was building and now its been removed people are left struggling to find a decent source and unfortunately the few places that do sell it have hiked there prices up almost double making them a high priced smoking filter tip especially when compared to other like for like products, although they don't have the Swan filter name to back them up which is always a bonus. The taste and smell of the smoke is not harmed but the tar removed and toxins by the charcoal inner section of the filter provides just that bit extra cleaner smoke than normal filters. Its made out of plant cellulose with a inner core of loose activated carbon pellets that do the majority of the smoke filtration.

Zwister Jillter Filter

This is one of our best loved filter tips for the simple reason that its a really usable product and is perfect for people making the change from regular smoking to filters. Its designed to use a smoking tip as well in the filter and we found it works best when used with Quintessential Tips as the two together make a holy union that results in a great smoking experience. The tag line for the Jilter Filter is use it or quit and we think this is very relevant as in 2015 no one should be smoking without a roach or filter tip and in this instance both. The product is easy to use and well worth a try if your still unsure about using filter tips.