This is guest post from Official Smokah on using Cibdol CBD Oil for the past week, before usage of Cibdol I had never taken any CBD Oil before and this was my first experience using it. Why Cibdol above all others, well the reviews I had read seemed positive and Royal Queen Seeds who know a thing or to about things also sell it, so I thought that this seemed a good one to go for.

At first inspection the other reviews proved correct in that its very difficult to get into the dropper easily due to its thick consistency, however I take that as a good sign that the oil is fresh and well blended so that olive oil and CBD oil don't separate, I am unsure if this would happen, but like other oils and liquids if left stationary for long periods of time separation occurs. So happy days, now on to the taste test.


Cibdol CBD Oil available in Truro Cornwall

Being in my opinion a food supplement / preventative medicine, all be it a natural one should not be judged harshly for taste. And in Cibdol's case, its neither harshly repellent nor overly nice. I have been taking two drops 3 times a day for a week and I don't put off taking it on taste alone. if taste did become an issue you could always put your drops in a green smoothie or a bowel of yogurt and honey. Its flavour profile is best described as vegetative green, slightly bitter with a smooth olive oil finish. Not unpleasant for me but others who have tried where not so keen.

Like i said earlier taste be dammed, I am into how it makes me feel, and that is in all honest truth, Better. in the first week I have noticed my sleeping patterns and ability to feel refreshed from sleep have improved and my energy levels are up. Now I am not taking Cibdol as a medication for an ongoing illness but like everyone my age, i have subtle joint pain from a crazy youth, sometimes a bad back from sitting in office chairs to long, basically minor everyday annoyances that are not life or lifestyle threatening and by the third day of ingesting Cibdol, i could feel a noticeable difference in my joints, especially my hands which usually feel tight until I would pop the knuckles. Now I pop them less and my hands don't feel like they will seize up. For someone who has Arthritis, i feel this would be very beneficial and would certainly either improve the condition or make it more manageable.

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I plan to keep taking the CBD oil from now on and have incorporated it into my everyday life, i don't foresee any ill effect from taking it and having noticed improvement already I feel happy with my choice in Cibdol. The fact it has many properties that intrigue, none less so than it having supposed anti cancer abilities are an added bonus to me and anything that can alleviate pain naturally or even prevent cell mutation has got to be a good thing, and in this day and age the cards are stacked against us. in my case potentially genetically.

Cibdol could provide more information in the leaflets such as hemp origin but overall I am glad I did my research and read a lot of other reviews before buying into a CBD oil Brand, Like all industries there are a lot of snake oil salesman and separating the first-rate marketing campaign from the product id not always easy. The advertising may be awesome but the oil not so and vice versa, so IMHO always read reviews to gain a fairer understanding of what you wish to buy. But then please also ensure those reviews are verified because you know people can buy reviews these days in many ways. 

Thanks for reading, i hoped it added something to your decision-making process when you think about purchasing Cibdol over other brands. Check out the reviews below - all verified Cibdol reviews from users worldwide.