Often locating unique and different gifts in Cornwall is hard to find, yes every other shop is a gallery or a charity shop, but when it comes to something different where is there to go. If you have shopping trip planned for the historical capital of Cornwall, Truro, then we recommend making a trip to the artisan quarter of Truro located in Kenwyn street, easily the best side of town for interesting and novel items with some very good food and drink as well. Apart from a couple of commercial shops the majority are independent family run business such as the Old Jeans Store or Quintessential Emporium that really bring the street alive and help stop it becoming just another shopping street filled with the same old corporate business that could fool you into thinking Truro is the same as any-other town centre.


Quintessential's has some of the very best fair trade and ethical products and its ranges stretch from Hemp clothing and ethical gift ware to one off pieces by artisan Indian craftsmen and women. They take the welfare of the artisans seriously and only buy from well known wholesalers and merchants who also care about the products and the people who create them. For instance Quintessential stocks the full Auroshikha incense range that's handmade using the very best natural ingredients and soapstone carvings and holders to compliment the selection.


No matter what you are after, pop into Quintessential Truro for a really warm and friendly shopping experience not found anywhere else in Cornwall and get yourself and your loved ones some authentic handmade gifts that are sure to be a bit different from the usual selections.


Also alongside the gift ware department, there is also a large clothing selection from amazing UK designers such as Gecko & Braintree that dazzle and tantalize us with there stunning creations all made from bamboo, Hemp or Organic Cotton for a really luxurious feel.


And not forgetting Cornwall's largest and best stocked head shop full of everything that the smoking market has to offer, from handmade pipes to a large collection of Glass and a massive selection of rolling papers, we promise that if Quintessential don't have it, you don't want it.


 And New in stock is the Cibdol Organic CBD Oil - Cornwall's first retailer selling this very popular and worthwhile food supplement that has been known to alleviate the symptoms of modern life.