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Fair Trade & Hemp Clothing in Cornwall

15. July 2015

if you are out and about in Truro, Cornwall and are in the mood for some shopping, please head down to Quintessential @ 14 Kenwyn Street for a varied and delicious assortment of Gifts,trinkets and clothing including a very well stocked Incense selection with handmade Fair Trade premium ranges like the Mothers India Fragrances & Auroshika. From unique furniture covers and throws to scented candles and more. This shop really needs a visit as its different and eclectic collections will make for a great shopping experience . 


They also stock very wide selection of headshop or alternative products for smokers and are stockists of natural Tobacco and herbal blends such as Greengo, Pueblo & Native American Spirit but the main items of note are the Fair trade and ethical clothing collections from designers such as Gecko & Braintree. The upstairs of the shop is devoted to Women's clothing and Jewellery such as body piercing essentials, anklets and rings. 


The majority of the clothing is made from either Bamboo (so comfortable) or Hemp and organic Cotton, so you know what you are trying on is not mass produced commercialised clothing, rather unique pieces from small designers and importers who would rather create beautiful clothes the natural way. Please checkout Quintessential next time you are wondering around the pretty city for a warm welcome and a relaxed shopping environment.











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