This new emerging health scene revolving around CBD and Rick Simpson oil  is still being hidden away by our corporate mainstream media, its almost like they don't want you to cure cancer - Funny how they always have time and money to promote more wars and aggression, but curing people of an illness that can destroy families and ruin communities is a no go subject. You would of though considering just how many people succumb to cancer, that its cure would be higher up the ladder in terms of importance for publication. Mind you wall street owns the rights to Sativex, so money can be made still off other peoples problems. We believe this natural medicine should be free at point of use to the patient. 



Sadly without hemp industry pioneers such as Rick nothing would be done and people would continue to suffer so money can be made. You may think we have a cynical view on this subject, but our experiences with people who have had these illnesses are that they are offered only the industry standard medical treatments, so chemotherapy and other radiation based treatments that have many side effects. As an example recently there was a case in the UK of a mother being threatened with police action and her children being removed into care,what for you ask, well for treating her 3 year old daughter who is a severe epilepsy sufferer with CBD oil to treat her violent seizures.

Why would they ( hospital / police) feel that this was warranted in any way shape or form, its not against the law and certainly not an immoral thing to do, after all its to treat and improve her daughters quality of life. In fact not only will the threats made against the mother cause stress and anxiety but what gain to the children would placing them in care have apart from to further ruin their future. The reason this tactic has been used is to scare other people coming forward in the UK and doing the same thing, thereby keeping exposure that our government and our media are effectively corrupt at a minimum while continuing to cash in on people's misery.

What can you do as a hemp activist or even as an interested member of British society? - keep on spreading the word, help and heal all those you can by giving the information out because god only knows, you wont get it anywhere else.  And don't forget to stay positive, the future is changing rapidly and despite the rich people's intent to destroy the world for a profit, more and more information is being exposed that can help us and the environment to survive. 

Quintessential Tips motto is that we support the use of hemp for the health happiness and prosperity of all