We all love rolling up a nice fat.... roll up but lately the rolling paper industry has been feeling a bit stale and choices on the market have been feeling a little bit same old. Hemp is popular and recycled always works a treat but really it seems to be a bit stagnated with the only real differences being in the packaging design. In 2015 though there have been a few new product releases that may tickle your fancy from some unusual companies .

Rizla Natura Hemp Rolling Papers


The Natura range of rolling papers by the legendary manufacturers, Rizla are a new avenue for the company that has shied away from Hemp for a long time. They saw the light and now have a full selection including Regular paper, Double smoking paper booklets and of course king size. We feel that a king size slim would also compliment this range and would be good competition to the other more established hemp rolling paper varieties. Rizla say that they have a high taste intensity but  I found that they where actually quite a neutral taste and complimented the legal smoking mixtures and tobacco's used when making a cigarette. Give them a a go next time your in the mood for a rolling paper mix up and we reckon that you will be a happy camper, just don't forgot to use Quintessential Smoking Roach Tips for superior smoking experience.


 Another Rizla smoking paper that's new out are the Pink variety of regular single wide papers, these new feminine papers are light weight with a medium flavour intensity. If you are a discerning lady smoker or just someone that likes the colour pink, these are for you. They may also be limited edition so grab a pack while you can to add to your collection.



Kush Hemp King size slim Pink


In keeping with the weird pink theme that we have going on today, we thought the new smoking papers by Kush might float your boat, each individual smoking paper is pink, yes you read that right, not the packaging but the rolling paper itself is pink. depending how you feel about the colour pink, this could either be a good thing or not. Made from 100% hemp, these rolling papers make a great gift and are pleasure to smoke with. When using them, adding a quintessential Pure Hemp smoking filter roach tips into the mix will give you a much better tasting smoking experience and also provide a full eco friendly rolling paper combo.