Smokers are creatures of habit in many ways and once they have there tools of choice its gonna be a hard slog to convince them that they need anything else. Rolling paper smokers will usually have a favourite smoking paper that they use alongside a filter or roach depending on their preference or if really cool they will use a quintessential roach tip with a Zwister or jilter filter. Then they will usually have a favourite tobacco or smoking mixture. So for many people the knowledge is readily available why you would use a roach tip or filter but still I see many people who smoke without and that is not good. Not only does baccy pull through, you also get tar build up at the end of the rollie that then sticks to your lips and is gross. Below is a little guide how to use roach paper when making roll your own cigarettes.


Different Smoking Crutch Tips


You dont need to go fancy, but at the same time you dont want cheap glossed cardboard or paper to make a roach, its bad and you will inhale all the glues and dyes used - so no ripping your rolling paper packets apart or even worse using a magazine cover. Of course we rand smokers around the world know that we make the best but you dont have to use ours, just use something decent, fair enough their are not many brands around that are good but some are, the main thing is that your smokes are as clean as possible.  Who knows if you start using them you may even move on to roach art , yes that is a thing apparently as you can see below.


Smoking Roach Tips Art 


 Dont worry though roach art comes with practice and does look pretty cool, to use our roach all you need to do is pull 1 tip from the booklet and roll backwards and forwards between the thumb and forefinger, once desired size is achieved either insert into the end of a ready made roll up cigarette or roll the cigarette with the roach already in one end. It  does not matter which way round you do that as it comes down to personal preference. Unlike other tips ours are used easily and pulling one of the booklet does not pull the rest out. meaning your tips will last as long as your rolling papers do provided there are 50 in a pack.


Using a roach tip is easy, but making the choice to only use organic certified products with no chlorine and no bleach is the hard desiccation, at least to begin with. You wont go back to using the chap nasty stuff ever again and will look down upon those that do use rank cheapest stuff or pull apart magazines to make roach as noobs worthy of your derision. 


Dont be a noob smoker


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