Its getting to that point in my life where smoking tobacco is no longer something I wish to do. I have smoked for a while but not lots, and now only consume a 12.5 gram pouch in about 1 month. About 2 months ago I went from Golden Virginia to Pueblo which is additive free and not a bad replacement for mainstream tobaccos, It still took a week to get used to 600 less chemical additives but now if was offered a roll up with Golden Virginia I would puke. While it is great that I am cutting down and am onto additive free rolling tobacco, I still have not completely stopped which is what I hoped to do.



Move over additive free tobacco and welcome CBD rich hemp flowers, since trying this product for the first time I am hooked, it mixes well with the other and is the perfect base herbal mixture as its made from hemp and nothing but hemp. It comes in 50g bags for £23.95 and is actually very cost effective when you consider 50g of Golden Virginia is almost £19 and is full of the worst additives. The hemp in stark contrast has no additives and no nicotine and low tar making it the best way to give up smoking tobacco for good.


If and when you make the choice to give up tobacco we suggest trying this as we can really endorse using this product as a herbal tobacco replacement. it does come with a few seeds but this is normal and they can be removed with ease and eaten on the side. dont waste time with patches and e-cigs. give up quickly and easily by stopping smoking tobacco all together and if you do get a calling to smoke a rollie then make one from the hemp to satisfy you urge while taking in zero nicotine. This is now an every day product in our household and its smooth and a pleasure to smoke or vape.