I have painful hands, yes that is right spending the majority of my life nerding out in front of a screen clearly has not helped me avoid pains and tension  from building in my joints and knuckles. Its not overwhelming but the pain is annoying  and in cold weather my hands do start to ache and for some time I have been trying different things to alleviate the pain in a natural way. I started by using Cibdol CBD oil and taking it orally then moved on to a Cibdol and coconut oil mixture and then finally I now use the Cannawell CBD cream. read on below to find out how each practice helped and how the pain was reduced using natural products and no painkillers.

Hand and joint pain can be effectively treated with organic CBD oil

Taking Cibdol orally is probably the easiest method to heal pain that i found in terms of ease of use however while pain relief was achieved I did notice that it was not total and pain would still bleed through occasionally and every now and then between doses it would flare up mildly, now it was much better than with no CBD oil but I felt there was still more I could do as the relief was not yet final.

I still felt I could do more for my poor knuckles and joints so after several chats with a nice guy named Kevin who had tried this prior to me, I got a handful of organic coconut oil and put 5 drops of the Cibdol 4% CBD & CBDa oil into the coconut oil and then proceeded to massage this mixture in my hands for about 30 mins, you could do less however I was watching a film so just went with it until my hands had soaked up the majority of the mixture. The effects from this mixture was almost instant and I had no issues fora about 2 days, with no pain and no stiff feeling. but it did take a while for my hands to absorb the coconut oil and CBD oil mixture and I decided while effective i really could only do it in certain situations because of the time involved and the oiliness.

Using coconut Oil & CBD together is a great combination

So when I was lucky enough to try Cannawell's new CBD hand cream I was at first dubious as to the effectiveness of the lower strength cream that is 2% CBD in total due to the legal limit restricting cosmetics CBD concentration to 2% or below. It goes a long way and a small dollop of the hand cream was soaked up very quickly by my hands and required only partial movement to aid absorption. The effects where very quick with the pain in my joints fading and as an added bonus my hands are also silky smooth from the great ingredients used in the product. This is now what I use every night before bed and I am pain free and ready to tackle everyday without having to resort to painkillers or just pain as I used to do.

All the above methods as far as I am concerned worked in slightly different ways, I have decided that for me I need to take my Cibdol CBD oil drops every night as standard and combine that with the Cannawell CBD hand cream for a CBD regimen that is quick, hassle free and best of all effective. Dont accept that you need harsh painkillers before trying natural, Everything above is from my own personal experiences and I cant say that it will work for you in the same way but at least by reading this you may do the research needed to help yourself and that is the end goal really. look read and research, its your life and your pain so going natural is the only way for a happy healthy life. Choose hemp - it worked for humans for over 6000 years until our corrupted politicians decided it was the devil, well in 2016 its now according to reviews and the scientific community giving people a whole new lease on life in a natural chemical free way. Please comment, share and be cool, we like it:)


Living with pain - Big pharma move over and make way for natural