Cannawell has burst onto the UK CBD scene and is the first company that we know of to offer a pet blend or a cbd skin cream right away to the UK market. Most other companies offer oils, capsules, crystals and other associated CBD products like Chewing Gum  but Cannawell has created a small but perfectly formed range of high end imported CBD products. The company is owned and operated by Catherine Wilson, MD of CannaWellness Ltd who has a real passion for providing the best quality products she can. Unlike many other CBD oils, Cannawell's products come in 30ml bottles unlike the majority that come in 10ml bottles allowing you to get more for your money and with each bottle giving approximately 900 drops, one bottle can take you a long way before you need to restock. We at Quintessential Tips stock Cannawells full range and are proud to do so, we offer all there products with UK courier delivery and we feel that you will enjoy using these CBD products as a daily natural food supplement.  Below is a bit more info on  of the niche products Cannawell produces.


Hemp CBD molecule - science


Cannawell CBD Blend


The CBD blend is a unique product that has no rivals, High quality CBD mixed with black cumin and frankincense for a very different tasting cbd oil experience. You not only get the natural benefits of the CBD you also get the extra properties from the added  plant extracts. Black Cumin seed for example is world renowned for treating many issues and is known to help with things from allergies to hypertension and black cumin seeds have even had a lot of very interesting research that has been done connecting Nigella sativa to multi-drug resistant bacteria. This is a real big deal because these so-called “superbugs” are becoming a significant public health risk and if black cumin seeds can help with this then is brilliant news. Alongside the amazing black Cumin Seeds this product has also been expertly blended with food grade high quality Frankincense that is known for its restorative properties, using Frankincense oil promotes healthy cell regeneration and keeps existing cells and tissues healthy. It’s useful for skin health and is also for a variety of other issues and when blended with hemp cbd compounds and the black cumin seed, you are rewarded with a very interesting and unique CBD oil that is unlike anything you have tasted before.



Cannawell CBD Skin Cream


This skin cream was the first product we tried in the Cannawell range and for a test I used some on my neck which is often quite stiff and painful due to a sporting injury in my youth. While my pain is not chronic, it does play up and can get quite tense and sore so you can imagine my surprise when after using the cream for 2 days I did not require any painkillers for my neck, the tightness and the stress of movement had dissipated.  Its worth noting that this was based on my personal findings and everyone may have differing results but if you have been doing research on CBD you will know what it offers to the human body. This CBD skin cream by Cannawell is a great way to try CBD topically for the first time as CBD & CBDa oil can be quite a daunting experience for some people or at the least they may of been effected from a lifetime of propaganda by the powers that be to downplay the effectiveness of hemp. The other cool thing about this CBD skin cream is that its totally non greasy and is absorbed by the skin with ease making it a great natural moisturiser as well, leaving the skin smelling fresh and feeling silky smooth. Use this product, you will not be sorry.



Cannawell CBD pet Blend


This is another great CBD product by Cannawell, We had been giving our cat cbd oil in his food but the cat always knows when you put it in and he would not always finish his meal with the usual gusto, probably aware that we had tricked him into taking his medicine. With this new pet blend that issue is a thing of the past, thanks to the fermented cod liver oil used, my cat goes wild, now associating cbd pet blend with food, so he thinks he is getting a treat, we get to make our beloved cat healthy and there is no stress in the process. My cat suffers from nervousness due to being bullied by a local Bengal and has started to lose some fur above his eyes from the constant scratching, we de flea him regularly and also give him garlic pills to help his coat but the difference in him with the cbd pet blend is astonishing and we will continue using it with him for the foreseeable future, after all my cat is one of the family and he is always there giving his love so its not even a question that he should have his own CBD product. We dont resent spending money on him and the change in him has been profound and as a bonus his coat is so glossy and he has stopped scratching. If you are pet lover then you owe it to yourself and your four legged friend to give them this CBD pet blend.