If you have found yourself collecting cannabis seeds, you will want to know that they cannot just be stored like any other item. It's essential to preserve their germination and genetics to keep any of the beneficial ingredients that later crop up.

The best CBD products that provide therapeutic effects will rely on a good seed, be it a cannabis seed or hemp. The importance of being able to preserve the active CBD in your seed is to be able to separate it from the psychoactive THC. It also allows you to keep your seeds for years without spoiling their condition.

So, how do you store your cannabis seeds correctly?

Keep Them Away From Light

Cannabis seeds are capable of germinating under a wide array of conditions, although they were never meant to do so under intense exposure to light. When you are storing seeds for collection, you risk damaging the genetic code and tissues of the seed when you let it sit in the light.

What you want to do is keep them in a closed container away from any direct sunlight. Even if they have a sturdy shell, this is not enough to preserve the contents of the seeds without extra coverage.

Store Them in a Low-Temperature Environment

Keeping cannabis seeds away from heat and moisture is also important for preserving their durability for a long time.

Heat and moisture can ruin the DNA of the seed and reduce its viability. Essentially, hot temperatures increase the rate of the ageing process. To avoid this, you will want to store your seeds in a cool place that doesn't see a lot of temperature fluctuation.

Many people like to store their seeds in the refrigerator for this purpose, though you will need to use airtight seals to prevent water and moisture. You should also avoid storing them in the freezer, as this will put your seeds at risk of cracking.

Keep Humidity Levels Low

Cannabis seeds are also sensitive to humidity levels. The last thing you want is to soften the shell, which will happen if exposed to moisture and droplets.

You also want to be wary of high humidity because it can induce germination. If you want to simply store your seeds, you ought to keep levels as low as possible.

Since this requirement can complicate the use of a fridge, you can use a sealed and dry container to protect your seeds from the moisture inside the fridge. If you seal it correctly, your seeds will be safe as they mature.

Avoid Contact With Pesticides, Chemicals, and Abrasives

Any material that comes in contact with your cannabis seeds should be non-abrasive and chemical-free. This is because it can damage or degrade the shell or the genetic material inside. So, be wise in picking your containers.

Pesticides and contaminants are also harmful to your seeds, so you should be mindful of what you store your seeds with. It's also best to keep the store secure to avoid accidental consumption by pets or people.

Final Thoughts

For collectors, CBD enthusiasts, and hobbyists alike, seed storage is an absolute non-negotiable. Once you keep these factors in mind, seed storage is actually a pretty easy process, especially since propagation is not required.

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