What’s better – bongs or joints?

When it comes to the ways of smoking weed, there are all sorts of methods stoners use. Some prefer to sit down on the sofa and roll a joint with a grinder and rolling paper, while others prefer packing the weed into the pipe and lighting it for a quicker hit.

Aside from the clear difference physically, there are other ways they vary. Primarily, it's all about the kind of high that comes about as a result. A bong gives off a far less potent hit than a joint would.


Looking into the first step of each method is the best way to start differentiating them. They have their own necessary tools to get things going. That said, they both need a grinder or a tool that can achieve that so that the smoking process can push forward.

The tools that are specific to smoking a bong are:

  • Grinder or an alternative that gets the job done
  • Bong
  • Pipe screens
  • Water
  • Object for the bowl to be cleaned
  • Lighter

The tools that are specific to smoking a joint are:

  • Grinder or an alternative that gets the job done
  • Rolling paper
  • Object that can be used for poking
  • Filter block or paper that's thicker than regular printer paper but no thinner than a cereal box
  • Lighter

Next comes prepping the smoking device proper. For the joints, this is where rolling comes in. 

Discretion and Portability

A bong must have a base, and that makes it harder to move from place to place. A joint, on the other hand, can easily fit in the palm of your hand. Why? Joints simply require fewer tools for rolling them up than bongs. No matter how small that bong is, it still bulges in your bag, because it must have a base.

Discretion is another issue, especially since cannabis is still considered illegal in many places worldwide. Needless to say, joints are definitely far more compact and portable. They will be far less conspicuous and won't bring in the attention that a bong would, or even a pipe.

Flavour Hit

The taste of a joint is dependent on the wrapper, the tobacco, and the nicotine. Most joints are rolled with papers that are all-natural. They are not like cigar wraps which have quite a lot of nicotine and tobacco involved. It allows for the marijuana's full-on flavours to come through.

Slow Burn

The bong doesn't last in terms of burning speed the way a joint does. A great way to elevate the joint's slow burn is through the use of rolling papers made with transparent cellulose. It will take a few rounds before joints are consumed in full.

Depending on the bowl size, a bong can be lit around 2 to 4 times before the total roasting of the buds. 


Smoking cannabis can be done in a few ways. When it comes to the joint or the bong, they have differences that are quite clear-cut. Joints burn slower, afford a better flavour experience and give a more potent high.

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