Cannabidiol (CBD) can offer various health benefits, such as relieving pain, reducing depression and anxiety, managing cancer-related symptoms, and more. Now, more and more patients and health buffs use CBD products to address their needs.

Since CBD comes in various forms, choosing the right one can be confusing and overwhelming. It is especially true if you are unfamiliar with how CBD works and its different products. Two of the most common forms of CBD are oil and gummies. To help you learn more about their differences and determine which one is perfect for your needs, read the guide below.

Why Should I Choose CBD Oil?

CBD hemp oil is the most common form of CBD. This product is ideal for you if you are interested in combining your CBD with your foods and beverages, such as soups, smoothies, juices, coffees, and more. CBD oil also comes in unflavoured and flavoured options, so you can boost the taste of your meals and drinks and enhance your dining experience. Some of the most popular flavours are lemon, mint, orange blossom, and French vanilla mocha.

Keep in mind though that you have to hold the oil in your mouth for several seconds before consuming it to increase its effectiveness. If you don’t mind doing that, then this product is perfect for you.

Why Should You Opt for CBD Gummies?

Aside from oil, CBD comes as CBD edibles in the form of gummies and candies. This CBD product is the right one for you if you have a sweet tooth, you are a fan of gummy candies, or you are fond of tart, zesty, or fruity flavours. What’s best about this is that every time you consume CBD, you feel as if you are giving yourself a treat.

What Are the Differences Between CBD Oil and CBD Gummies?


CBD oil provides you with accurate servings as long as you follow the directions on the bottle. Since the serving that is usually indicated is a full dropper, make sure to assess your comfort level first with the dropper or the brand of your CBD oil. Also, take note that some air is present when you use the dropper, so before consuming more oil, wait for several hours until it takes effect, and you see how it affects you.

Meanwhile, it’s important to remember that CBD gummies are not just ordinary gummies. Therefore, no matter how tempting it is to over-indulge, since they may taste delicious, be cautious when taking them to avoid consuming too much CBD.

Speed of relief

CBD oil provides you with instant relief. Before swallowing the product, follow the instructions properly by placing the oil under your tongue and hold it there for a certain amount of time according to the package instructions. By doing this, you are putting the oil on your sublingual gland that sends the product to your bloodstream easily. You can expect to feel the effects of the CBD oil about 45 minutes after you consume it.

On the other hand, since the CBD in your gummies needs to pass by your digestive system first before it circulates in your bloodstream, this type of product has delayed effects and is metabolised much slower than the oil form.


Using CBD gummies and oil holds the possibility to help boost your health and manage different health conditions. When buying CBD products, make sure to buy only from reputable stores.

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