Seeing that the legalisation has been successful all over Europe, the United Kingdom is just one of the many countries that have recently dabbled into the world of CBD.

From using bongs and joints to ingesting oil and space cakes, the number of ways to consume the cannabinoid has grown exponentially thanks to continuous innovation. As more people in the British population are provided with the opportunity to try out CBD, each of these consumption methods is enjoyed by a crowd that grows each year.

Among all the different products that have come to light and piqued the curiosities of the UK public, none have caused as much intrigue in recent years as CBD Tea.

What is CBD Tea?

In essence, it’s a type of drink that packages and presents CBD (or hemp, in particular) in a drinkable form.

Although many have posed an aversion to the idea of consuming such a product at first, this unique format has become a rising favourite among the British as it offers a new experience with a country pastime. This is why options today come in hundreds of different flavours and choices because of home-grown creators and full-scale manufacturers pushing the envelope for flavours.

Despite the wide range of available options in the UK CBD market, tea has become the method of choice for many because of the way it provides unmatched flavour experiences while being an efficient method for consumption!

A few great ways to enjoy CBD tea

What makes this CBD drink so special is that, as opposed to other consumption methods, it can be enjoyed in many ways. If you’ve recently stocked up on a box or two of hemp-infused tea bags but don’t exactly know how to make the most out of them, here are a few creative methods that can elevate your experience:

Idea #1: Adding CBD Oil to tea

While each bag of tea packs its punch of flavour and benefits, many find that adding a drop of Cannabinoid-infused oil into a cup can further enhance the overall delivery of benefits. Many canna-connoisseurs see CBD oil and tea as a match made in heaven because they bring the best out of each other!

To enjoy this method of consumption, all you’ll need to do is prepare your drink as you usually would, let it steep for a few minutes, and then mix your oil with milk or cream and mix it thoroughly with your CBD tea!

Idea #2: CBD-tea and honey

As a classic twist on a British favourite, another approach to enjoying CBD tea is having your drink with a generous serving of CBD honey.

Best for those with a sweet tooth, honey helps add a delightful taste note to every batch of tea without compromising on sweetness. If you’re looking to sweeten up your day while doubling the benefits that you get from your tea, then canna-infused honey is the way to go!


When it comes to enjoying your CBD tea, it helps to go outside of the box and use different refreshing methods to make the most of your every serving you get. With the help of the two ideas mentioned above, you’ll be able to reap even more significant benefits from your hemp-infused herbal drinks and get your money’s worth with each sip!

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