The world of cannabis products is evolving, and this incredible plant provides something for all kinds of users. Whether people want to smoke it, ingest it, mix it with their food and drink, or apply it onto their skin, this is all possible with the various CBD products available on the market. 

Nowadays, CBD is found mixed with one of nature’s best ingredients. Honey from bees are being fused with cannabidiol, and people love the results they are getting from brewing drinks and baking desserts. Additionally, these products are found in easy-to-open packaging that makes for quick consumption on-the-go. Here are more things to know about the magic of CBD honey sticks:

Quintessential Tips’ CBD Honey Sticks

Honey already has naturally powerful raw potential and is considered a booster for many people’s daily consumption habits. While those who aren’t aware of CBD yet might not have found CBD infused honey, the raw product has been used in baking and as a natural sweetener for coffee. Overall, bees’ production of this wonderfully sweet syrup has plenty of uses in daily life. 

When you combine CBD with this product, it brings forth a wide variety of benefits. Those who dislike the earthy taste of CBD oils will love the sweeter flavouring of honey. These products can be consumed directly by mouth, or mixed in with your favourite afternoon tea. Depending on what kind of sticks you buy, you can take them with you for a quick fix. The best part is that you won’t get high from consuming a whole stick of CBD honey, and you’ll likely end up feeling more calm and optimistic than usual. 

Where to Use Your CBD Honey

As mentioned above, you can take it on its own straight from its straw-like packaging. If you plan to head out to meet a friend for tea, you can mix it in with any kind and even use it for milk. This mixture will add a good, sweet flavour to your drink that comes with a wide range of benefits. Additionally, many people use this product for baking, which can be used as a natural sweetener to make edibles. If gulping down a small amount of honey isn’t your thing, you can definitely use it for your favourite drinks and sweets. It’s also far healthier than using white sugar to sweeten your beverages and food items, as it doesn’t contain chemicals to process it, nor does it have preservatives. 

Why Use Quintessential Tips’ CBD Honey Sticks?

The best part about Quintessential Tips’ CBD Honey Sticks is that they contain a generous amount of CBD mixed with quality honey, and the packaging is extremely discreet. You won’t have people looking at you funny for carrying around a bottle with a dropper, as this makes people look like mad chemists when out in public. The sticks look like a straw that is filled with honey and has no labels or markings. Keeping two or three pieces in your bag at a time can give you a good boost throughout the day, and with an extra one to give to a friend who wishes to try. 

You can purchase CBD honey sticks in singles, or bulk packages of 10, 25, 50, and 100. If you really love the benefits you’ll receive from taking a daily dose of CBD honey; it can help to stock up, as these sticks are the best way to have a discreet fix of cannabidiol while out and about. 


CBD has plenty of benefits, and honey remains a fan favourite because of its naturally sweet flavouring. When combining the two, there is much to love, as this will indefinitely give a boost to the usual afternoon tea with desserts. Try out CBD honey and see why everyone loves this double-natural product. 

Quintessential Tips contains the widest selection of CBD products in the UK that are available for a variety of people to fit their needs. With stocks from some of the most trusted CBD oil brands and other lifestyle boosters, you’ll definitely find something that will suit your tastes. Remember to use it responsibly!