Tired of rolling those burnt-black cannabis roaches you've been collecting for a few weeks? Why reroll them at all when you can construct a joint filter? Here we teach you how to make a filter so you can smoke the joint all the way through.

How to Roll a Roach Like a Pro

The trick is to fold the filter's edge about a centimetre one way, then another centimetre the other way, then another centimetre the other way, creating a zig-zag shaped M pattern at one end of the paper. Now, roll this inward toward the opposite end of the filter in a tight roll. This will be the large opening at the end of your joint.

Simply place this freshly rolled filter at the end of the joint paper, then place your bud in front of it and roll it all together. With this fail-safe strategy, you'll notice a considerable improvement in your hits. Furthermore, you do not have to purchase these filters.

The Benefits of a Roach Rolled Properly

There are numerous benefits of rolling a roach with a filter in the end, mainly that you can smoke your joint all the way to the end. The herb will not fall out as it travels down, and the filter itself can absorb some of the harsh fumes. Here are other, more subtle benefits you might have missed:

1. No Lip Burn

Although there isn't a guarantee against a lip burn, a roach will considerably lessen the risks. Lip burn is more likely as you get closer to the finish of your joint. This is due to the hot cherry becoming closer to your lips with each toke. 

Some cannabis users tend to grow extra-long roaches. This is a fantastic approach to get a lovely, easy-to-roll joint that smokes properly. However, because there is less space in the rolling paper for cannabis, you will most likely use more rolling sheets than usual.

2. No Soggy Ends

This is the best way to prevent your joint from tasting funny during the last few hits. Soggy weed isn't fun to hit, and it can be downright unpleasant. 

Your best bet is to roll a joint and smoke it in one sitting. If you will leave it overnight, it's best to put it in the fridge to prevent it from going bad. However, a roached joint is a great way to cure the problem of soggy ends.

3. Better Air Flow

This seems minor, but it is a significant improvement. In fact, it is one of the most noticeable benefits you will notice. When you smoke a joint with a filter, ample airflow keeps the joint burning at a consistent rate.

Rolling a roach will make your joint burn more evenly. This is especially important on the last few hits, as uneven burning can affect the flavour of your joint.


The method of rolling a roach is not only fun but also practical. No smoker enjoys having to start over or having to reroll a joint that has already been smoked. The end of a joint is the worst, yet you can smoke up everything with a roach. If you are in the habit of rolling joints, you need to roll a roach in the end.

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