Despite cannabidiol’s (CBD’s) growing popularity, many people still have questions about its effectiveness, as well as its uses. Before you completely denounce cannabidiol and break all ties with it, maybe it would be a good idea to find out why it is not working for you.

CBD is the non-psychoactive compound of cannabis that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Some people use CBD to relieve nerve pain, anxiety, inflammation, insomnia, and sore muscles. If you are part of those people who experienced pain relief after taking CBD, why is it not working for you?

Here are four more reasons why CBD oil and other similar products may not seem that effective when used.

1. You're Not Taking it Consistently

One of the primary reasons why you may not be experiencing the desired effect of CBD oil is inconsistency. Taking CBD oil daily or every other day will not work. If you want to see results, you have to be consistent in taking cannabidiol. If you take it once a week, you will not see any improvement in your condition.

It takes time to notice the difference. If you were taking CBD oil every day but then stopped for two weeks, maybe by the time you start taking it regularly again, you won't notice any difference.

2. You're Taking Ionized Form

CBD oil is available in two forms – raw and ionized. In order to ensure that you are getting the relief that you want, you have to ensure that the cannabidiol product that you are taking contains an ionized form of CBD. 

The raw CBD oil is not as well-processed as the ionized form of CBD oil. In the raw form, it has not undergone any processing but instead is subjected to vacuum, heat or pressure to remove the excess plant material. However, it is thought that the unprocessed version of CBD oil is not as effective as its ionized counterpart.

It's important to note that raw CBD oil will not give you the desired results. It is recommended to opt for the ionized form of CBD oil to experience the desired benefits. It is best to consult your doctor before trying any form of CBD oil.

3. You May Not Have the Right CBD Products

A lot of people think they are buying high-quality CBD oil that is very effective since they are paying a hefty price for it. Unfortunately, they're most likely just paying for fancy labels, flashy packaging, and claims that sound too good to be true.

If you're buying CBD oil and other similar products, make sure you research it first and buy from reputable brands only like Quintessential Tips.

4. You Expect CBD to be a Miracle Cure

CBD oil is not a miracle cure! There have been a lot of people who experience a lot of hype about the benefits and uses of CBD oil, but when they take it, they may not notice any improvement in their health.

When you start taking CBD oil or any other cannabinoid product, do not expect it to cure you completely overnight. It's a progressive and systematic process that takes time.


Using CBD oil may not seem to be as effective as you want it to be. The most important thing is to be patient and give it time to work. The above reasons will help you better understand why your experience with this product has not been that effective and how you can improve the use of this product.

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