There are a few factors that determine whether the experience of smoking marijuana is good or bad. For instance, the marijuana itself, of course, is part of it. One of the most popular smoking tips people give first-time users is to acquire the best strain available. The second factor that contributes to a good smoking experience is the kind of rolling paper you use.

Using low-grade rolling paper can affect your experience negatively. It could reduce the taste, lead to coughing fits, and make the joint burn more quickly, resulting in using up a lot more than necessary.

Here are some things you can keep in mind when you’re picking out your rolling paper:

Learn the Various Types of Rolling Papers

When it comes to rolling papers, four different types are readily available in online and physical stores. The first kind is the standard rolling paper. It’s perfect if you want to be discreet because, once you roll it, it looks like a regular hand-rolled tobacco cigarette. Many brands use rice paper for this, but some also offer another product, industrial hemp.

The second type of rolling paper is flavoured, which is great if you feel adventurous and want to experiment with different tastes. Some common ones are watermelon and strawberry. However, keep in mind that these rolling papers contain more chemicals than their standard equivalents.

The third type is gold. They are rolling papers that contain twenty-four-carat gold. They’re certainly pricier than the average kind, but many people are willing to spend the amount to get a more luxurious feel to their experience.

The last type of rolling paper is the clear kind, which is best if you prefer smoking in private, and you can show off your marijuana bud in all its glory. They are also relatively healthier than other materials as they’re made from biodegradable cellulose.

Consider the Size of the Rolling Paper

The next thing you want to think about is the size of your rolling paper. Singles are the smallest and most common on the market. They usually end up giving you a joint the same size as a typical cigarette. The double-wide size, on the other hand, holds twice as much product as the single size.

The king-sized rolling papers are the biggest ones available in the market. If you prefer something just as long as the king-sized but a little less wide, there’s also the king-slim size to meet your needs.

Choose the Right Material for You

Lastly, you’re going to want to consider the material of your rolling paper. This factor plays a significant role in affecting your joint’s taste, burning time, and ease of rolling. Also, remember that some rolling papers are more toxic than others. Thick, white rolling papers are usually what most people stay away from.

That being said, the materials you should consider are wood pulp, hemp, rice, Bamboo, flax, and plant-based cellulose. Wood pulp is the most popular material as they’re usually all-natural and unbleached. However, its taste can get pretty intense.

Hemp products are easy to roll and more environmentally friendly. They’re slow-burning too, but some people don’t appreciate the strong taste. Rice papers, on the other hand, are slow-burning and have great taste. Just be wary of brands that put in additives. If you’re new to rolling, you might struggle with rice paper, but with a bit of practice, you’ll be just fine.

Flax is made from plant fibre. They’re smooth, easy to roll, and they don’t impact the flavour of cannabis at all. Meanwhile, rolling papers made from plant-based cellulose are usually transparent. The impact of cellulose’s flavour differs per person, so it’s all up to personal taste.


The kind of rolling paper you use can affect your experience smoking marijuana, which is why it’s essential to be knowledgeable about what the best CBD products are available to you in the market. Consider your personal preferences and apply them to these factors to consider before you buy your rolling paper and guarantee to achieve an enjoyable smoking experience.

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