Have you seen the recent trends in the CBD market? Using hemp cream for pain is the next big thing! More and more customers wonder if it’s living up to the height, and positive anecdotal proof about its beneficial effects is piling up.

Are you curious about hemp cream, too? Keep on reading to learn more about hemp cream, its effects, and what it means if they have CBD or not.

What Is CBD?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is an active compound linked to all of the medical benefits of the cannabis plant. After it is extracted from the plant and consumed, it will target the endocannabinoid system.

How does CBD work? It will mimic our body’s cannabinoids and trigger the body’s homeostatic responses by working with the brain and the peripheral nervous system. They are known for their calming effects, but they also come with a long list of medical benefits—particularly pain management.

If you’re worried about psychoactive effects that you’d usually link to cannabis, CBD products are free from that. These effects come from THC—CBD hemp products are usually free from THC.

What Is CBD Hemp Cream?

CBD is one of the most popular ingredients in the wellness industry so that you can consume it through different product formulations. They can come in the form of edible gummies and oils—even in food and drinks. 

Another popular way to consume CBD is through topicals and creams. They are primarily used to penetrate the skin to address health concerns. CBD reaches the skin’s dermal and subdermal levels, which makes it perfect for skin problems and many more.

You can also use CBD hemp creams for pain management, itchiness, and inflammation. According to several studies, many people use CBD cream for arthritis, chronic pain, myofascial pain, and peripheral neuropathy.

What Is the Difference between Hemp Cream with CBD and Without?

Now, when you shop around in the market for a hemp cream, you will notice something—there’s a presence of CBD hemp cream and hemp seed oil cream. Which one should you go for if you’re out shopping? Here are some differences between the two to guide you.

  • The main difference between CBD hemp cream and hemp seed cream is the CBD content. Products made from hemp seed oil do not have any trace of CBD.
  • Though hemp seed oil has its benefits, it can only bring minor relief. It won’t have the same potency as a CBD hemp cream.
  • CBD hemp cream and hemp seed oil cream also differ in price points. CBD products come with additional extraction costs so that a hemp seed oil cream can be more affordable.
  • CBD hemp cream comes from the main body of the plant. On the other hand, hemp seed oil cream comes from cold-pressing the seeds.


In choosing which hemp cream to use, make sure you pick products with CBD if you want to maximize the benefits and experience the best pain management solution. And, as with all things, try to start small. Try using small amounts first and working your way up so you can determine the right usage for yourself. 

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