Have you ever wanted to sample various CBD or cannabinoid based products but have been unsure where to start. Dont fret though as this is not uncommon and with so many brands and strengths and product formats its not surprising that this industry can be a bit confusing to those looking to start their cannabinoid journey. Not only is it confusing but also very expensive if you make the wrong choice or go for the higher percentage products when you may not need to.  Of course as cannabinoid products are being sold as natural food supplements it means a lot of the research you will do will be online as us and other people selling these products have no medical background so it can be a bit of a guessing game and this is why we recommend that if you are going to start using any CBD related product you do so much research that your eyes bleed.  So to help those unsure what to go for we have created a range of cannabinoid sample gift packs that will take a bit of the guess work out of buying these organic hemp derived products and at the least save you some hard earned money and at the most introduce you to some new product types you may not of seen or been willing to try.


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The first one we do is the 10ml selection pack which contains 3 bottles of the best organic CBD oil on the market. Cibdol, Amma life & Cannawell which are all well reviewed and high quality organic cannabinoid products and this comes with a saving of almost £10 when compared against buying them separate from each other.  And the other one we do is the mixed use selection pack which contains CBD tea, Cannawell full spectrum CBD oil and Love Hemp high CBD hemp flowers. This range will be growing and you will see many new sample packs on offer allowing you to save money and try new products as you desire.