Hello people and welcome to another Quintessential Tips blog..... on cannabinoids. This time we are going to look at CBG in a bit more detail. This means we can talk about some things that we can't say on the product listings as we can't and won't try to sell a product as a medical item. But on the blog page we can talk more easily about the scientific findings and the usage of CBG cannabinoids in daily life and hopefully this will be of help to you in the future. Anyway enough of the intro, lets talk about CBG and what new products are likely to hit the consumer marketplace in the coming months. Our latest CBG Product is this one by Canavape UK - ECS Gold Drops 5% CBG Oil


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CBG is abbreviated from Cannabigerol, its full name and is one of the active compounds found in industrial hemp & cannabis and has become more prolific due to the anti bacterial nature that it's been found to posses. From research that has been done so far it seems like CBG is the template or stem cell equivalent for CBD & THC and this is very exciting as it means all THC & CBD begins its life as CBG. The use of CBG has also been found to inhibit the uptake of GABA, this causes a feeling of relaxation that is normally associated with CBD and are what people are looking for. These findings have spurred new ongoing research into the CBG cannabinoid, meaning it may have even larger implications, this is exciting news and its worth staying current on the affairs of CBG.

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New products you are likely to see are oils, suppositories, e-liquids and crystals. This is a great range to begin with, and we are sure more will follow including topical creams and body butters. It is also worthwhile to remember that cannabis contains over 80 unique cannabinoids, all with their own interactions and benefits so in total in years to come you may see 80 different cannabinoids on sale in a variety of products all for different reasons. Recently, one lesser known cannabinoid derived from hemp or cannabis, cannabigerol, or CBG for short, has made the news as it has been discovered it could act to prevent colon cancer. CBG is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that has already been shown to help relieve the symptoms of such ailments as glaucoma and irritable bowel syndrome. Again we are not scientists and this comes from research available online. The point though is that there is so much we don't yet know and its clearly looking like the reason cannabis is considered a drug is because of financial reasons, mainly those of pharmaceutical companies. If hemp and cannabis contain over 80 cannabinoids - why are we just realising now that it's a beneficial substance. Please comment blow and interact with us and thank you for reading our short blog - stay tuned as there will be more blogs and more new release products coming to the UK shortly - the first CBG product we will be offering is this one by Endoca.