We have received our delivery of Koi products and the range is now fully restocked in all flavors and strengths. If you don't know what Koi Is or have heard of it but are unsure if the product will be any good for you then please note not only are these e-liquids a great vape product, they can also be orally used under the tongue, making it a very versatile and travel friendly product that has two methods of ingestion. If you are a vape user or are thinking of buying an e-cigarette device to vape with then look no further. Quintessential has one of the best selections in the UK and probably the best customer service. We also are constantly adding new products from CBD Vape juice, to CBD hemp teas and other CBD oils. We are the official UK CBD Supermarket, and we only stock verified decent brands and companies. If you want to know which CBD products and brands are reputable, look no further - we have been active in the UK hemp industry for 30 years and this means we know what to watch out for with regards to brands and manufacturers that are not ethical, and you can be sure in the UK there are many - from companies giving medical advice on forums to promote sales to other businesses marketing isolate products as full spectrum, when its all made in China out of the cheapest ingredients, this industry can be a minefield with lots of sharks trying to get-rich-quick off your hard-earned money. 

 Koi CBD E-liquids UK

Koi CBD is a product made to a good standard, it comes in a several great flavors and will work in any vape device designed to be used with e-liquids. It vapes well and has a good blend of throat hit with flavour and cloud production so if you consider yourself a flavour chaser then get yourself a bottle of the Koi Blue raspberry vape juice and see why its one of the best-selling CBD products in the USA - they also have a gummie bears selection and a body cream infused with lavender and CBD. 

Koi CBD Lotion in the Snow UK


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