Hi good people and welcome to the first of many new blogs around CBD and its uses, today we have a short but potentially sweet blog about making your own CBD Butter in the UK. As a big fan of butter on toast, it was only logical to make a cannabutter with no THC but lots of CBD goodness in it. Its so easy to make and super useful around the kitchen and can be used in a wide variety of home cooking and baking for your family. Green butter may seem odd at first but when its packed full of high end cannabinoids then you just know it's going to be good. Have you ever wanted to make your own CBD infused Butter - Vegan Version also is great. If so we have the perfect CBD butter recipe for you which is easy to make and a pleasure to consume - just follow the instructions below and remember, the slower the better when it comes to infusing it over a low heat.

  • Start with 15ml of CBD Oil, it's up to you which one / Brand you use and I would recommend doing a trial with what you have before purchasing more. Once you are happy that you have the process down you can make stronger, more potent versions of the Butter as you require.
  • Add the 15ml of CBD oil to 500 grams of Organic butter or its vegan equivalent, Organic is always a great idea or you could even use a vegan alternative instead). Cut the butter up into small pieces and add to a medium saucepan, next pour in the CBD oil followed by 4 cups or 1 litre of water. On a low heat cook for about 3-4 hours.
  • Ensure you check on the mixture and give it a stir every 30 mins. When you are done combining the CBD Oil and butter, pour the mixture into a bowl and chill it for two hours.
You can now add the CBD butter to any recipe you desire or just spread it on some lovely toast.......yummy!! Oh and say hello to some gooey CBD butter brownies. Please keep in touch with our blogs for more CBD revives and other information.