Bong smoking

If you are a pot smoker or have been smoking cigarettes for a while you will be aware that it is bad for you and your health. Even if not a tobacco or nicotine smoker, the act of inhaling hot smoke into the lungs via the combustion method is never going to be a great option for you. This is why I personally wished to stop smoking, but I was also aware that it was going to be very difficult. However, my situation is different to many in that I cut out spliffs or joints a long time ago and have been smoking via water pipe or bong instead so while I used a baccy plug like many do in the UK who smoke I could make a half ounce of Pueblo last about 4 weeks which is not too bad.

But the sheer thought of giving up smoking seemed like an impossibility, not only for nicotine addiction reasons but also for the lack of hit I was going to get. Unfortunately smoking is habit-forming and the user does get caught up in the procedure or tradition of how one prepares their smoke. This attribute means that unlike cigarette smokers, once joint or bong smoker wants to start cutting down a vaporizer becomes an option. The move to the vape apparatus at the time I was trying it just did not do it for me due to the completely different way of ingesting it. For example, I have had a few different herbal vaporizers culminating in the Volcano Digital. It's a great bit of kit, but its large and uses bags which a lot of smokers and cannabis vape users do not like. I personally found the faff and the noise ruined my high - also the Volcano was hungry and I was using more material than when I was smoking so it became a bit of a non-starter.

tobacco and weed mixed

I then decided, I can't just go from bongs to vapes, the loss of nicotine mixed with a high and hit of a very different nature was Just too much to contemplate and I need to be clever how I do this as I can't keep buying different vapes and hoping my expectations and the delivered results would change. So instead of buying the Mighty by Storz and Bickle which was my next move - I settled on one step at a time instead of going cold turkey and clucking for 2 things at once. 

I gave up tobacco, and boy did I find it harder than I thought. Firstly mixing tobacco with cannabis for me and the people I know, makes the smoking experience a bit smoother so less coughing or tight chest feeling after smoking. So when the tobacco was removed, the coughing returned and the smoking was not nearly as enjoyable. However, the high while combusting cannabis without tobacco in a bong was actually much better once I got used to it. But add in the coughing to the usual ramifications of stopping tobacco like the insta-flu or the mood swings and depression and I can see why many people will just continue smoking. And I had all these issues just from a half ounce of tobacco a month, when most people will consume that in a few days. 

Volcano Vaporizer to stop smoking

After about 10 weeks I can honestly say that i no longer wanted to smoke with tobacco and the smell of second hand smoke made me a bit nauseous. I was free, but I was still combusting and i still resented it. I wanted to be smoke free but retain the right to get high in the manner of my choosing without having to feel guilty at damaging my lungs, i also was still coughing after each bong and the novelty was dissipating fast.

I was actually getting a bit annoyed by now and I had tried eliquids etc with THC in them but did not really get on with them, I find them fine for out and about but as a bong smoker you want a short sharp hit, not a creeper that nails you at an in opportune moment. What to do, do I give up completely as the coughing fit after each bong is not desirable? How would a self medicate though. I don't like edibles so now what, back to the volcano now I am tobacco free for a second round at not being satisfied.

Stopping smoking bongs

Then I found dabbing. Sounds scary at first and intimidating and believe me it can be but if care and thought are applied then you can now thankfully, as the technology exists dab your cannabis instead of smoking flowers the traditional way. I was introduced to dabbing via this concentrate attachment from CBD Life, itself was a portable and easy to load coil based atomizer, with this item I managed to substitute bongs for it for 2 months, But it was still very different to bongs but the high THC content of the concentrates meant you could achieve a realistic and pleasant high very quickly with a few puffs. This atomizer is now my out and about vape tool.

After two months of no smoking, I was still feeling a possible return to bong smoking as the vape pen did not deliver the same style of hit which i need to medicate with. I was wanting more and was looking all over the market for something new that would work just as I want it to.

Puffco Plus Dab Rig stopped me combusting

Introducing the Puffco Peak - I knew from the first go on the green setting that me and it would become firm friends. What had put me off dabbing before was the hassle and danger from flame torches and how blatant it was when doing it, even with a small portable dab rig. The peak has been designed so well, it is small without being dainty or fragile and it packs a hell of a punch. So much so that i quickly learned to not get carried away. Not only does it rip like a bong with the great water attachment, you still feel like you have hit one but with no smoke or combustion taking place. It literally changed my life and yes it is bloody expensive but in time it will come down in price but to be honest, I don't resent buying it in any way shape or form. And far from thinking it was a wasted purchase like my volcano ended up being, I use this every day and absolutely love using it. The flavour from the concentrates are sublime and I have noticed I can dose and medicate myself in  much better and more concise manner which means a financial saving for the user. in 2 months I have paid it off by purchasing concentrates instead of flowers and the concentrates last twice as long and are far stronger. It's a win win situation and I am very proud of not only giving up nicotine and tobacco but also combustion smoking. Something I thought I would never do.

Custum Glass atachments for Puffco Peak

If you are wondering what a smoke free life would be like, don't even question it. watch the videos and try to get a go on one before buying to ensure the product is for you then ignore vaping and move straight to dabbing with the Puffco Peak. My  life smells great with no smoke in it, and I am higher than I have ever been. You also can tell when a product is something special - when glassblowers are making custom pieces like the one above it signifies that this product is worth adding to and building on. It is one of the best Cannabis related Tech products I have ever used, and we are sure you will also become a huge fan.