Facebook Banning Hemp Pages In Act of Censorship 2019 is the title of our latest blog and gives you an idea at its content. In December 2018 we woke up to find our Quintessential Tips CBD Supermarket Facebook page had been removed or unpublished due to advertising pharmaceuticals. Something we did not do and have never done. Why would Facebook take this action against a small business Facebook page? And then provide zero recourse for rectifying it. Something was wrong with the Matrix and we wanted answers. 

Canna matrix 2019

In early 2018 information became public that showed a lot of Facebook pages being removed. This happens a lot on FB and pages go up and down for various reasons, but this time the dots were being connected and the pages being removed all had something in common.

The pages removed were all healthy living, alternative medicine and other alternative types of Facebook pages that presented a different and often contrasting approach to living in these interesting times we find ourselves in. Overnight a load of these pages got unpublished, that's Facebook terminology for having the page removed from being viewed by its followers or anyone else.

Some had relatively small memberships or likes and others had millions but the common theme connecting them all hinted at more going on behind the scenes. This had largely been pages based in the USA though and UK companies had yet to really face any hassle from the cull.

It would never happen to us though - or, so we thought but Quintessential Tips has been hit with every possible attempt to stifle us and what we do, from our payment gateways to PayPal and Amazon Pay and now Facebook, but why - we are a small mom-and-pop shop style company and not a threat to anyone surely.

But as we grow, it has become clear we must represent a real threat to someone's interests somewhere otherwise why all the hassle. Perhaps being one of the few companies to introduce real, new content in the format of product reviews that are not incentivized has triggered this latest attempt to censor us and the Cannabis and hemp consumers we cater to.

Who knows why our facebook page was highlighted above, for example Bayer Pharmaceuticals which is definitely advertising and marketing pharmaceuticals seems to have no hassle from Facebook. It would seem that Hemp and "CBD" are now a trigger word for the Facebook Police. 

Weed Facebook & Censorship 2019

We sought assistance from Facebook to help us get our original Quintessential Tips CBD Oil Supermarket page published when it got unpublished. Why would Facebook close a page with 1200 likes when all these massive corporate pharmaceutical companies are on Facebook freely marketing and advertising the pharmaceutical products they manufacture. So following the links on the page provided by Facebook we proceeded to appeal, a process we would come to realize is automated and not fit for purpose.

Having been told our page was unpublished due to advertising Pharmaceuticals and violating the terms and conditions of Facebook we made our appeal and it was rejected in about 2 minutes, less time than it took to read our appeal, so we tried again and then 20 more times. Each time getting a text response exactly the same with no variation - no human is involved and no real appeal process is possible in any way making this whole situation actually quite dark and repressive, it reminds me of the type of stories you hear coming out of China with regard to control over information and repression of individuals or organizations that are not authorized.

There is no way to appeal the wrongful and inaccurate decision and all attempts fail. If Facebook was interested in freedom of speech and empowering people this would not be how it behaves. But then when it partners with entities like the Atlantic Council, should you be surprised?! (Video at bottom of page).

Quintessential Tips is trying to be a real force for good and change in the UK Cannabis trades industry and worldwide. We want to do the right thing, we don't make medical claims or try to play on fear when clients contact us. Our reviews speak for themselves and have become a beacon of light in an otherwise murky world of sales and acquisition. Reviews, likes and all manner of things can be bought and traded for online. We set the principles of how we run our family business 30 years ago, and we have not deviated. If a CBD product or brand is not on our platform, there will be a reason. Trust is important and as a consumer you can Trust us to treat you right. Don't let the man or the establishment censor and repress the good things cannabis and hemp can do. Engage with us and this platform to the fullest and give the middle finger to the ones that would oppress you and us. 2019 is going to be a great year for the cannabis industry in the UK and with your support we can push forwards into new territories and markets, giving the corporate businesses a run for their money.

At ground level Facebook still appears as a good tool to connect with friends, contact each other and talk about different subjects of interests. It would just be awesome if Facebook stopped trying to repress Cannabis and people from finding and accessing information, as traders its bad enough we can't boost any post or increase our reach like all other businesses but then a tool of the deep state was never going to be just and fair - please like and share our Facebook page to stick it to the man. Our original page has now gone,  but we have replaced it Here.  Please like and share it to annoy the #Zuckertwat  - click below.

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