We can go on for hours about the benefits of cannabidiol and how it’s used to combat stress, how it’s used by many cancer patients to battle the illness and fatigue; we can wax lyrical about how wonderful having a natural substance that can bring all of the health benefits is… but as it’s Christmas time, we want to talk about food!

You can add CBD to just about anything but we have a few favourites that we want to talk about today:

  1. Peanut butter

 As a whole, peanut butter is far healthier than you would first expect. A great balance of protein, fibre and vitamins, peanut butter has been shown to decrease the chances of diabetes, improving bone health as well as your immune system. The B6 vitamin found in peanut butter contributes to all of these as well as muscular function and overall energy. Combine the positives of B6 with the natural benefits of CBD and you’ve got quite the super-food!

Peanut butter is a great source of protein and fibre

  1. Chocolate chip cookies

 For the slightly more indulgent of you; mixing in the CBD oil with your cookie mixture to create a fantastic comfort food is a great way to reap the health benefits of CBD as well as the delicious benefits of chocolate chip cookies! Quintessential have a whole host of chocolate flavoured oils so have a look on our site to find your favourites.

Try our chocolate flavoured CBD oils

  1. Avocado

 Everyone’s favourite toast accompaniment at brunch, avocado is high in nutrients, high in vitamins and high in flavour. Avocado with CBD oil drizzled on top is an excellent way to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, while not having to sacrifice flavour in your food.

The brunch choice of millennials across the world

  1. Coffee

 Mornings aren’t easy without a cup of joe to wake us up. The dangers of regularly drinking coffee are that it can increase anxiety, making you jittery or on edge. Regular caffeine consumption can increase a short but very significant increase in blood pressure. Adding CBD to your java can help to offset these negative effects but make sure you do your research first.

  1. Gummies

 The travel friendly jar and the size of the gummy bears that Quintessential Tips sell are a great way to ingest high quality CBD if you’re on the go. The delicious fruit flavours mask the sometimes difficult CBD taste which means that if you’re not a fan of the CBD flavour you can still enjoy the benefits!

You can include CBD oils in just about everything but, as with anything, moderation is important!