That time of year is quickly approaching, so we have made this blog to let you CBD oil users know what our Christmas 2018 postage times will be. This is a public service announcement, please ensure you take note of the Christmas opening times and services information below. From December the 10th December 2018 all mail is considered Peak Mail until service resumes in the new year. - and we are not liable for any delays or lengthening of delivery times due to the seasonal chaos of Christmas, More info below. This time of year puts huge demand on the postal services, and we will try to mitigate that by letting you know what to expect in terms of service and delivery times during the Christmas holiday period.

Christmas posting times and info for CBD Oil Deliveries UK Royal Mail Cannabis oil

Peak Mail - From 10th December 2018 all mail is considered Peak Mail, this means despite our best intentions Royal Mail Will have service issues, this means during the period of 10th December 2018 to Wednesday 2nd January 2019 when we reopen after the holiday season you should expect minor delays and the next day service may arrive in two days or more and you can expect service delays and issues while Royal mail is pushed to breaking point. We recommend if you want anything last minute at Christmas to order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. The reason for the Peak Mail change in the terms of service is to protect us from the seasonal changes in service seen at this time of year which we have no control over.

Opening Times For Christmas Period 2018 for Quintessential Tips CBD Oils

We will provide our standard great customer service up until Friday 21st December at 3pm - after this time we will not resume customer service until Wednesday 2nd January 2019.  All non urgent order related emails and messages on social media will not be seen till then, we will then answer all emails and messages and sort any issues out accordingly once back  - thank you for your understanding. 

Last Recommended Dispatch before Christmas 2018 for CBD Oil Orders 

We recommend buying all essential gifts before the 10th December - naturally you may want to add products after this date but as mentioned above it will fall under the Peak Time Clause in our Service contract.  Our last dispatch of orders is at 3pm 21st December 2018. We will then be dispatching orders again for two days on the 27th & 28th of December and after that normal service will resume on Wednesday 2nd January 2019   

The website itself never sleeps, and it will be live and taking orders right the way through the Christmas 2018 period, if you have any requests or order changes etc, please email us and as above when back in the office on the 3rd Jan 2019 we will sort it all out. Last Dispatch before Christmas will be Friday 21st @ 3pm - even if you order with next day delivery it is unlikely it will come on the Saturday before Christmas, you are welcome to try, but we do not guarantee delivery during the Peak time Period. Thank you for shopping with us and taking the time and effort to read this. We hope you have a great time with friends and family over the Christmas period. Thank you for using us, it is a pleasure and joy to serve you and your support and love means a lot to us. Peace and love for 2019

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