If you are doing your research on cannabidiol (CBD) oil, you may find something called CBD tinctures. Or even if you have been familiar with them for a while, you may have thought that CBD oil and tinctures are one and the same thing. While they may seem similar, they are completely different products.

There are some crucial differences between the two. If you want to learn more about them, keep on reading below.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a combination blend of CBD extract, along with some other compounds from the plant material, and an inert carrier oil like coconut oil. In simple words, it is CBD mixed into some form of oil.

To create this product, the CBD is extracted from the plant along with other compounds that can be deemed necessary. Depending on the maker, the compounds along with the CBD are not the same, but the most common ones are terpenes and flavonoids.

Once all these compounds are extracted, they are then mixed with the carrier oil. Some of the most common carrier oils are hemp seed oil, avocado oil, olive oil and coconut oil. There are also those who would use essential oils, like peppermint, lemon, tea tree, etc., for additional benefits.

What Is CBD Tincture?

Now that you are more familiar with CBD oil, you may wonder what CBD tincture is. While CBD oils are oil-based, CBD tinctures are alcohol-based. From this alone, you can already tell that there is a major difference.

During the process, high-proof alcohol is used to extract the CBD from the plant, and it is also used in the final product. Because of the alcohol, the CBD tincture can be bitter, and this is why some places use sweeteners, flavourings QQor vegetable glycerin to cover up the bitter taste. Others also add vitamins or supplements for additional health benefits.

How Do You Take CBD Oils and Tinctures?

CBD oils and tinctures are taken orally. You can either drink them up straight or mix them with your food and beverages. There may also be cases where you can apply CBD oils topically. However, doing so will only result in on-the-spot relief and not full-body effects. Taking your CBD tincture topically will not have any effects as tinctures are only meant to be taken orally.

Is a CBD Oil Better than a Tincture?

Both are very effective, and neither is necessarily better than the other. However, depending on your goal and personal preference, you may end up liking one or the other.

For example, CBD oil will have an oilier texture while tincture is more liquid-like. In addition to this, CBD oil would have fewer ingredients compared to CBD tincture, and may have fewer benefits. However, you may not like CBD tincture as it could come off a little more bitter due to the alcohol.

You will also need to check the inclusion of benefits for each one. You may prefer the vitamins in one CBD tincture versus the essential oils in the CBD oil.


CBD oils and tinctures may have a lot of things in common. They are both extracted from CBD, they can both be taken orally, and they can both be taken as a daily supplement. However, these are the basics. You should already know that they are very different products. Whichever one you select will depend on your needs and preferences.

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