Happy July 2018 folks and welcome to a very excited addition of our blog - We are very happy and proud to announce that Quintessential (us) are launching our own CBD oil and product range - some may say this is long overdue, but we are committed to only bringing you the best CBD and cannabis based products at a price that is fair and low as we can make it. And we believe we have achieved this with our first CBD Oil which is a full spectrum golden CBD oil with its outer boxing made entirely of Pure Hemp which is as usual ahead of the curve for the UK CBD / Hemp / Cannabis industry. Please read on for more info about our new CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil range that we are very exited to launch  - this is Cornwall's first CBD Oil and is of the highest quality, pure golden Co2 extracted goodness that is powerful and effective. We employ local people who put money back into our local community and use local services, and we have been going for a long old time (established 1989) making us the natural choice for CBD products If you want a non pushy, highly rated service that takes into account that you are a human and not just a number then you know were to go. Read our verified reviews and make your own mind up.

 Quintessential CBD Oil - Golden CBD Oil UK - Cornwall

Quintessential Own Brand CBD Oil is what we have waited for, we have watched the market and waited for the correct Hemp Extract to materialise and it is now here in several formats for us to use, and our new Golden CBD Oil is just part of our new CBD range we are manufacturing and will sell to the world, packaged of course in Eco friendly Pure Hemp. As you know the UK CBD Scene has expanded rapidly and everyone and their granny is jumping on the wagon, but we waited till the moment was right, until we could offer a certified high grade CBD oil of a Golden Nature that is a full spectrum product worthy of supplementing your diet with. It comes in three strengths: 5% Everyday Golden CBD Oil (500mg CBD) - 10% Everyday Golden CBD Oil (500mg CBD & 500mg CBDa) - 15% Everyday Full Power Golden CBD Oil (1500mg CBD). The 5% Everyday CBD Oil & the 15% CBD Oil are both golden full spectrum CBD oil with their respective certified levels of CBD depending on what strength you wish to use, but the 10% Everyday Boost Golden CBD Oil Contains 5% or 500mg of CBD & 5% or 500mg of CBDa and is a great way to take both of these vital cannabinoids at once as part of an Everyday Boost to your overall well-being.



Pure Hemp Packaging is our signature product for the discerning consumer - for every industry from hemp teas to hemp soaps, beauty industry to the consumable and edible industry, we can make your dreams and your customers dreams come true. By providing you and them a product to be proud of, an ethical Cornish  hand finished Pure Hemp Paper Product package that is guilt free, sustainable and Eco friendly - don't be a part of the problem instead help the world, your Brand and your conscience and do it in Hemp - the prices are actually better than you may think and anything is possible - Inquire today and see what our UK / Cornish Packaging specialists can do for you. Made from the same paper used in the boxing of our new Quintessential cbd range, and the very same paper as has been used for our legendary Pure Hemp Tips all
these years, …(the first and ONLY Pure Hemp Tips in the world, even today! BTW), Quintessential brings you our premier ‘Free the Tree & Go-Greener’, luxury PURE HEMP packaging range….direct to you via our website and in person from our store….and who knows, maybe from a store near you soon too.