An ever-growing number of households see the benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD), and people are starting to integrate it into their daily routine. CBD is also being added to beverages like energy drinks and coffee, and on edibles. The most popular infusion of CBD, however, is tea, and people are drinking more of it to take advantage of the cannabis compound’s benefits.

Below are some of the most amazing health benefits of CBD tea:

Improves digestive health

Tea is thought to help in digestion and drinking hemp or green tea improves a person’s overall digestive health. The interaction between CBD and cannabinoid receptors helps the nervous system control cognitive sensations like hunger, pain, and appetite. Because of this interaction, CBD tea is able to promote the production of hormones that helps make digestion easier, improving digestive health.

Alleviates pain

Not many people know this, but CBD (Cannabis) has been used to relieve pain for thousands of years now. CBD has a soothing effect and is extremely effective in alleviating pain on joints and muscles, hence why it's used in sports therapy so much. Because of the legalisation of marijuana in several countries, CBD (Cannabis) tea is now widely used as an alternative for pain relievers, particularly for people with arthritis.

It helps with sleep

CBD in high doses is thought to help a person achieve sleep easier, and it even potentially increases the amount of time a person sleeps. Because CBD is not stimulating, it can be sleep-inducing, people who have trouble sleeping can use CBD tea as an alternative to sleep medications that could have side effects in the long run. Often blended with other ingredients like chamomile known for the relaxing properties it contains. 

CBD potentially allows people to achieve optimal rest easily. It relaxes the brain, avoiding sleep disorders and potential health backfires over time. CBD can also promote daily sleep cycles and help people deal with excessive sleepiness. By activating neurons in the hypothalamus, CBD is also thought to have some effect by which it modulates waking up, in turn, preventing oversleeping and fatigue for a person.

Improves mental health

Researchers believe that CBD assists in overcoming mental health issues and has significant beneficial effects on people battling anxiety and depression.

Research shows that CBD helps people with Generalised Anxiety Disorder feel less anxious. CBD calms the mind and the body; therefore, it helps reduce stress and the anxiety a person is feeling.

Additionally, CBD also shows promise in aiding depression treatment. Further studies are still currently being done to prove that CBD can be widely used as a treatment for depression, but the effects of CBD are similar to antidepressants but without the side effects. That said, it is still clinically vague to declare CBD as a substitute for conventional medications.

Some people, however, report that the consumption of CBD and drinking CBD tea calm them down and help them cope with daily issues. That is due to CBD’s promotion of serotonin production, a neurotransmitter that regulates people’s mood and behaviour.


CBD is far from being a full-fledged substitute for certain medications. Even so, the positive effects and benefits of CBD have become popular and are now convincing people to switch to drinking CBD tea. That is despite the stigma that surrounds CBD because it is related to marijuana.

Time to reap the health benefits from CBD tea! Looking to grab some bags of CBD tea in the UK? Get in touch with us to learn how you can order.