With the popularity of CBD products surging to an all-time high, more and more people are beginning to ask different questions about it. For instance, some people are wondering what CBD does precisely, while others are wondering about the health benefits associated with this compound. Yet, perhaps one of the questions that not many people ask is how long CBD stays in the system.

Although it is not asked too often, it is still an important question to answer.

Why do people ask this question at all?

Many people tend to blame the compound for the effects that are caused by its counterpart, which is THC. After all, this substance does come from the cannabis plant. While many drug tests out there will only test for THC, some other tests can also catch CBD, which can be an indication that THC is present. Unfortunately, many CBD products are not entirely composed of the compound either, as it may contain other substances like THC. In other words, people are afraid to get into a misunderstanding with the law whenever they consume CBD products, which is why they are asking this question.

For another group of people, however, they wonder how long the compound will last in the body in hopes of answering how long they can enjoy its health benefits. 

The variables that affect CBD retention

Keep in mind that there is a whole range of variables that affect how long this compound stays in the body. For instance, the genetics of some may cause CBD to linger around for a lot longer than someone else's genetics. Other factors include its potency, the frequency of which it was taken in, and how it was consumed. Fortunately, some research has shed light into the period of retention, something which you can use as a guide.

According to a study published back in 2014, it was found that those who have taken CBD through oral means, such as drinking or eating, have had the compound stay in the body for roughly one to two days. However, another study back further back in 2012 showed that oral consumption has caused the compound to last up to five days before completely disappearing. On the other hand, smoking and even administering CBD straight into the veins disappeared after a day and a half.

In order words, if you were to take in CBD, you could expect it to last anywhere between one to five days, depending on the method of consumption.


Remember, the numbers will vary from person to person. However, as a good rule of thumb, if you were to take CBD, you should expect to last a maximum of five days. Once again, this number will change due to many factors, but the most crucial part is that you do not concern yourself too much over this number. After all, the compound itself will also work differently from individual to individual, and what is essential is that you slowly discover how you can effectively enjoy CBD to maximise its benefits. Trying to do the numbers may end up ruining the experience for you, not helpful if you are only a first-timer.

Ultimately, it is always best to consult your medical professional regarding this matter. If you are not sure of whether or not CBD products will benefit you, it is best to rely on experts. 

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