Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, has been heralded as one of the best ways to treat chronic pain and anxiety without resorting to prescription drugs. Its soothing effects have caused it to skyrocket in popularity, which is probably why you’re curious about the potent substance. CBD oil is an all-natural and safe way to relieve pain, after all, and this is a considerably rare characteristic in remedies.

However, there are plenty of CBD products available that can make choosing your first one overwhelming. As with all ventures in life, be sure to do proper research before making your first purchase. CBD oil is harmless, but if taken the wrong way, it can inundate you with sensations you didn’t expect!

4 Newbie CBD Oil Mistakes to Avoid - Our Guide

Here are four common CBD oil mistakes that newbies should avoid:

Taking A High Dosage

CBD oil is powerful, and this makes it easy to accidentally take too much of it. Whether it’s in an oil tincture or in the delicious form of gummies or candies, you might think that you’ll need several doses for it to take effect. However, as a newbie, you’re definitely better off starting small!

Starting CBD oil is pretty exciting, so you’ll probably be tempted to buy several products at once to try it out. It’s best to take it slow and use only one product at a time. If you have a sweet tooth, start with one gummy, and gradually increase your dosage until you’ve found the one that works best for you. The same goes for using CBD soap, oil tinctures, or other products. It might take a while, as you have to wait for enough time to pass between dosages to ensure you’re working your way towards the most effective dosage.

By taking it slow, you’ll enjoy the intended effects of CBD. Otherwise, you might experience side effects that make you nauseous and dizzy. Be sure to take your time, especially since it’s your first!

Buying The Cheapest Product

Your health is of the utmost importance. While it’s tempting to try to save and get the cheapest CBD product while you’re unsure about it, this can actually be harmful to you. CBD is derived from hemp plans, and these absorb toxins in its environment. These toxins are usually preserved in cheaply made CBD products, so you may actually be hurting yourself.

Instead, opt for organic products that have been appropriately grown and lab-tested. You can even do further research into the company’s extraction method and make sure that it’s up to par with industry standards. While this might be a little expensive, don’t hesitate to indulge a little. Your body will appreciate it!

Not Thoroughly Researching

Not doing enough research, including talking to your doctor, can easily backfire. CBD products aren’t meant to replace medications or other treatments, but to support them. Before getting into CBD oil to treat a medical condition, discuss this with your doctor first. Many medical professionals agree with CBD oil’s benefits. They are happy to prescribe a dosage for you, so it’s best to seek their advice first. They’re also equipped to recommend products and methods that best suit you.

There are also a lot of CBD products available that are designed to address different uses. Although they all have the same natural benefits of CBD, some are more effective for other conditions or symptoms. Pay extra attention to the product’s label to be fully aware of its side effects and what the product was specially formulated to treat. It’s also important to know the terms used, like full-spectrum and isolate, so you fully understand the product you’ll be buying.

Expecting Immediate Results

CBD oil is believed to work wonders for many symptoms and disorders, but they also say it takes time to show its full effects. Just like beginning any other prescription medicine, CBD oil needs a few days to really manifest itself. The time needed to notice results vary from person to person, so don’t give up if you don’t see substantial effects in the first few days.

You should see noticeable improvements around a month after consistent use. Another critical thing to keep in mind is that consistency is key to results. If this is something you apply from time to time, it will probably take longer to improve your symptoms or condition.


The world of CBD products is incredibly vast, so it’s easy for beginners to make a few mistakes. Now that you know four of the most common newbie CBD oil mistakes, you’ll be looking like a pro when you first start your CBD journey!

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