Living with a lifelong health condition isn’t a walk in the park. Take it, let’s say, with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)—a chronic disease that comes and goes. With IBS, symptoms include abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, constipation, sudden weight loss, vomiting, and in severe cases, diarrhoea and rectal bleeding. They can last days, weeks, and months, making it so inconvenient for anyone living with it!

Unknown to the general public, IBS is more common than we think. Given that, it’s important that we configure methods and remedies that will work for our bodies because there’s no telling when this condition strikes again. 

Now, to introduce a new way of managing this, let’s talk about how a more modern medicinal application of cannabidiol can ease IBS symptoms.

Explaining Cannabis in a Nutshell

Cannabis, from the Cannabis Sativa plant, has been long researched by many scientists and experts for its vast medicinal benefits. Through the years, cannabinoids have infiltrated the market and are sold as CBD and THC—two substances that work by manipulating the endocannabinoid system’s (ECS) receptors. These are now available in certain markets, limitedly accessible to doctors and patients who treat or suffer from specific conditions.

Today, these cannabinoids are mainly used for medicinal purposes, due to their ability to tone down chemotherapy symptoms, as well as alleviate anxiety and depression. Studies found that their ECS receptors put the body in a homeostasis state—a continuous method to balance one’s mood, appetite, sleep, and even temperature. In this state, cells regenerate faster and more efficiently, further allowing recovery at an improved rate!

At the same time, CBD oil is also used for recreational purposes across legalised areas all over the world, particularly for its ability to secrete more serotonin (a happy hormone) in the body. In turn, the effects prove to decrease anxiety and depression.

Using Cannabinoids to Treat IBS Symptoms

Researchers have made strong claims that ECS deficiencies are a cause for disorders similar to IBS. At the same time, a separate study has found that patients with gastrointestinal issues have seen improvements after using cannabis as an additional treatment method!

The medicinal theories behind these claims are fairly simple to understand. Due to their relaxing properties, cannabinoids can lessen the pain and tension brought about by IBS. Treat the symptoms such as abdominal pain, and you’re one step closer to living a more comfortable life despite your condition.

The non-intoxicating psychoactive CBD can lower tendencies of vomiting due to nervousness, and mental and physical stress. On the other hand, CBD derived from the hemp plant is a great hormone balancer that gives its user a feeling of well-being.


From generation to generation, many have incorporated these organic substances into their lifestyles mainly for their ability to make you feel good. And at the end of the day, we can’t deny the positive benefits of using cannabinoids. As we are certain to be knowledgeable of its research-based facts, we should also practice taking these substances in moderation. The best way to keep healthy is to get adequate amounts of activity and rest on a daily basis, as well as stick to a diet of proper nutrition.

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