People have been finding numerous ways to enjoy the benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) products. From the base product of CBD oil, many variations from creams, tinctures, and even vape flavours are available in the market. Sometimes, people want to try something familiar with something new, which is why CBD joints have increased in popularity.

Most CBD joint products don’t have the intoxicating high that traditional tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) products have. This makes it a more relaxing and calming experience without putting much stress on the body. People with previous experience in rolling joints may find the process similar to CBD joints, but others may need a little coaching to get them started. 

In this article, we’ll share a five-step beginner’s guide on rolling a CBD joint 

Step#1: Inspect Your Materials 

Ensure that your hemp is finely ground without any impurities. This means you should pick out stems and break down nugs by hand. All that should be left is the bits of CBD flower you’ll sprinkle into the joint. 

You won’t really need cellulose filters for joints, but you can choose to do so by using a roach tip. Sometimes, some rolling papers come with a mouthpiece, so you won’t have to do this step. 

Step#2: Open Your Rolling Paper 

Take your rolling paper and open them lengthwise. Make sure the stick side faces you for sealing later on. Afterwards, sprinkle the bits of CBD flower to your joint with your mouthpiece in hand. Once there are enough herbs on the rolling paper, usually a half or full gram, you can then roll the paper evenly. 

Step#3: Roll Your Joint 

Fill the rolling paper evenly with your herbs to make them of equal height with your filter. However, leave an allowance to its end so you can seal it shut. Gently hold the joint between the index finger and thumb. Then, slowly roll the CBD flower back and forth until you’re left with a cone shape. 

Step#4: Seal Your Joint 

Once the shape is formed, move your fingers along the length so the CBD is packed tightly inside. You can then start sealing the joint by rolling the unglued side of the rolling paper and tucking it to the sticky side. Make sure it’s as tight as possible so the joint won’t fall apart while you’re smoking. Remember to lick the sticky part of the paper gently and roll the rest of the joint upward until it’s sealed completely. 

Step#5: Twist the Joint 

You’ll be left with a rolled joint with its end open. Using a pencil or other slim-shaped tool, press the CBD flower down so you can have enough space to close the joint. This gives the joint its conical shape to enhance its flavour. After it’s compact, pinch it by the end and twist it to seal the herb completely. 

You’ll need to find the right number of twists to get the perfect burning rate of the material with a decent pull. It might not make sense now, but you’ll see how different it feels. 


Over time, you may develop individual techniques to help you get a better feel of rolling your joint. While your rolling practices may differ from the standard method, don’t forget to essentially purchase quality products. With the right rolling paper of your choice, you’re more likely to develop your rolling skills easier while getting used to the feel and texture of the material.

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