Although CBD usage is legal in the UK, it is still under certain restrictions. According to the law, CBD products must meet specific criteria before qualifying for sale and distribution. However, many products infused with CBD have been springing up from various manufacturers, sometimes hidden through CBD edibles. Although CBD is generally safe, the restrictions are in place for everyone’s protection.

Before you purchase CBD products, you need to ensure that they follow government regulations if only to keep you safe.

Here are some guide questions you can ask yourself to make sure that the online products you are about to get are still within the restrictions:

Questions to Ask Before Buying CBD Products Online

What Is the Growing Procedure of the CBD Retailer?

A well-trusted CBD product manufacturer should be able to tell their consumers how they produce their products. They should be transparent about their hemp growing processes and their hemp plant extraction method. 

Not everyone is allowed to grow their hemp crop in the UK. A farmer should acquire their license from the appropriate government offices after meeting all the requirements. If the company is not hiding anything illegal, they should have no fear of transparency.

What Parts of the Plant Did They Use?

The UK government has set allowed THC levels depending on the category of the product. The selling of CBD buds and flowers, for example, is prohibited even if the THC content is under 0.02%. Farmers are also barred from taking leaves and flowers outside their farm. As per government regulations, these parts should be destroyed on-site as soon as possible. Make sure that your supplier is also following this guideline. 

What Do I Hear About the Company?

It would help if you also do your background research about the manufacturing company that produced the products you are about to consume. Some trusted producers earned product seals, such as the Certificate of Analysis, Lab Tested Potency & Purity, Natural Farming Practice, and so on. The manufacturer details and the ingredients and CBD content should be present in the product's labels. 

Verified customer reviews will also help you determine a company’’s credibility. These reviews might tell you a thing or two about how they do business and how they treat customers.

What Is the CBD Dosage That This Product Contain?

Every CBD product has different dosage levels, which should be clear on its packaging. However, you need to consider the recommended dosage limit by the United Kingdom's Food Standards Agency (FSA) early in 2020. The FSA recommends not taking more than 70 mg a day of CBD or around 28 drops of 5 per cent CBD. According to these guidelines, pregnant and nursing women are prohibited from taking any amount of CBD entirely.


While farmers and manufacturers need to acquire licenses and undergo approval before producing or importing CBD products in the UK, you must also do your research as a responsible consumer. It is not just about complying with the government's set rules and regulations, but also about your health and safety. 

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