Joint roach tips are game-changers when it comes to smoking cannabis. These simple devices are simply a must-have for every smoker. They significantly enhance your experience by improving airflow, catching tar, and making rolling much more manageable. Joint tips also get you the most out of your weed by allowing you to smoke the whole spliff. Moreover, they provide a layer of protection against burning your lips or choking on debris with each inhale.

There are many different styles of joint tips available in the head shop market, each with its own set of perks. The choices can be overwhelming at first, but even veteran smokers can change preferences over time. If you’re not sure which to purchase, here’s a handy guide to the different styles of joint tips:

1 - Filter Tips

Joint or smoking roach filters tips are among the most popular tips among smokers because of their durability and beneficial properties. They’re organic and can help prevent the user from inhaling tar and other debris. They also help cool down the smoke, minimising coughing during smoking. Filter tips are also generally biodegradable, affordable, and readily available in the market. 

2 - Glass Tips

For those who want to smoke sustainably, glass tips are a great choice. They’re durable, safe, and reusable. Glass is relatively easy to clean, and many of these devices have flashy designs that make them more appealing. Each piece also can give a different feeling, vastly enhancing the smoking experience. One important reservation, however, is that glass can break if it falls on the floor. This means that these tips require a little more care than other materials.

3 - Wooden Tips

Wooden pipes have been with us for a long time, and cannabis connoisseurs can also attest to the different feel of joint tips made of this material. These devices add a classy vibe to your smoking sessions, and the wood also provides a layer of flavour. The taste will differ depending on the type of wood that the tip is made of, which adds to the overall experience.

4 - Plastic Tips

Compared to the others on this list, plastic tips are not as readily available in the market. However, they have the advantage of being reusable and durable. They’re also cheap and easy to make. They usually do the job like any other style, but many smokers worry about the chemicals in these joint tips. Plastic also has the tendency to melt when in contact with fire, so these devices are not as popular.

5 - Ceramic Tips

Ceramic is also a durable material that typically doesn’t break as easily as glass. It’s reusable and easy to clean by soaking it in alcohol. Ceramic tips are also great because they keep the mouthpiece dry and sanitary.

6 - Tagua Nut Filter Tips 

Tagua nut smoking filters are made from the nut of the same name, they are like bone or ivory for example but made instead from a natural plant nut that is hard and perfect to make re-useable smoking filter tips from.  Just boil in hot water to clean and then use them again and again. The smoking experience is a smooth and pleasant one and fulfils all the required functions needed from a smoking filter tip. 

 7 - Hemp / Paper Roach Tips 

 The Classic version of the smoking roach tip and the most used. Quintessential Tips created the hemp smoking roach tips and they now sell all over the world. copied by many in various quality and paper choices, using paper  / hemp based roach card is the go to for the majority of tokers out there. Don't just rip up your rizla packet, invest in quality hand made roach tips and smoke like true connoisseurs.  

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Joint tips are a great way to enhance your smoking experience, and they’re a must-have for beginner and veteran smokers alike. With so many options available, however, it can be hard to choose one that you like. Hopefully, you can arrive at an informed decision now that you’ve read an overview of the different styles of joint tips. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ones—in the end, it all boils down to your tastes.

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