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Buying CBD oil can be a daunting experience especially if you don't understand scientific terms or are not a patient person. There is so much information out there with much of it conflicting so what do you go for and who do you trust. The last thing you want to happen is to be conned into buying something sub par or heaven forbid, synthetic so please do as much research into CBD oil as possible to ensure you are only getting official products worthy of your money and products that are worthy of ingesting. The majority of people who take CBD & CBDa oil do so for particular issues that effect them, the last thing any medical user would want is to buy and take something that is marketed fancily but has no substance to it, its backwards logic but unfortunately like all emerging industries there will be people looking to make quick money so yes I know I repeat myself often but please do your research thoroughly before taking the decision to buy anything CBD or CBDa related. Below are a few of the best-selling products we have plus a few new ones with some info and user experiences. Please note Quintessential Tips only sell CBD and associated products as natural food supplements and we don't have any medical training - whatever the reason for you wanting to try CBD oil -please just read as much as you can before buying like you would with any other food supplement. What we do recommend is that you keep dosage diary so that you can look back and see if you are getting what you want out of the product or to help regulate dosage so that it becomes more cost effective.

Update 2018 - Thank you for clicking onto our website and for taking the time to read this blog. Its now the end of march 2018 and we have really increased our stock holding of CBD products in every possible format. Please if you are thinking of buying CBD products, just a take a look through what we offer by using the above menu and see our prices, our selection and our verified reviews - there is a reason we are rated excellent on Trustpilot and if you become one of our customers you will see why. We are the Supermarket of CBD with  better morals than any other mainstream supermarket in the UK. We do not up-sell you, we do not make medical claims. oh and we offer free tracked deliveries on all orders over £10. Again thanks for reading, we wish you all the best. 

Update July 2017

We now have a very big selection of CBD products from British companies & foreign ones and its always growing. From CBD oil & Capsules to CBD Tea's & CBD E-liquids, Quintessential Tips has a wide and varied selection of products and what sets us apart is the customer service which we feel is very good and personable - basically we try to treat you how we would wish to be treated if the situation was reversed. We realize for a lot of people buying CBD products for the first time or just shopping online in general can feel wary doing so - We have been in business in the hemp industry for 30 years, and we have a long and well-known trading history. All We can say is look at our review on the products or check our Trust pilot account. We feel it's an honour to be able to sell good products we believe in to good people in a nice way.

1. Endoca CBD & CBDa 3% 300mg Raw Hemp Oil

This is one of the best-selling products we do and it has a massive following in the cbd community especially amongst medical users. It's not a bad tasting CBD oils either and once you get used to it, it's actually quite pleasant. This has been the go to oil for the shop staff, and we have all found it to be of a very high quality that has worked in different ways for us for example one of our staff had sciatica and after using this she noticed that her pain had decreased, and she could stop taking pain meds, something she had wanted to do for a long time. Myself I found that my sleep and anxiety issues faded away and I now wake up every morning feeling as refreshed as someone who does six days a week can do without taking drugs. It has changed my personal outlook on natural food supplements and it has mad ea huge difference to many of our customers who without this product would be forced back in to the realm of prescription pain medication and chillers such as Valium etc. While we don't make claims that this product will help or cure you, the reports and reviews from customers and our own personal experiences are very interesting and this product could assist you and hopefully make you feel as good as it does us. Again research is key but what you can believe is that we only stock products made by industry leaders of the highest repute and Endoca is the pinnacle of these producers with many other companies having their products made to their specifications by them.

2. Cibdol Organic CBD Oil 4% Cannabidiol 

We have really like Cibdol products and their new formula is way better than the last formula that saw the oil being a bit to thick, making it difficult to get the last bits out of the bottle. But that is old news, this is now perfectly blended with an olive oil base and the entire contents is exactly the right consistency for a cbd hemp oil. Its quite strong tasting and some people don't like it however the same thing is said over and over and that is who cares about the taste, it works well and is reported to be very effective with reviews coming from people with different debilitating illnesses who report that it is actively making them feel much better. One of our staff members even drops some into his vape tank and vapes it, however he is a vape expert, and I am not, so I personally would not do this as it may be to thick for the average vaporizer, he uses some monster vape mod thing with all the bells and whistles. Cibdol being a 4% CBD oil gives you a stronger dose for your money and is grown using EU certified organic hemp crops and made using a high tech production process to get the finest quality CBD oil in a 4% strength. We have many happy users who like this product and its available in 3 sizes up to a 50ml so you can save money while having the hemp oil you require. Don't take our word for it though, try a bottle and see what you think, only after lots of research mind.

3.  Love Hemp CBD & CBDa Hemp Oil - 8% 

Love Hemp is UK brand of CBD oil that has its products made to its specifications by Endoca, the renowned CBD oil manufacturer. This 8% CBD & CBDa oil fills a niche spot in the market as a bridge between the 5% suppositories and the 15% CBD oils. Perfect for people looking to up the strength of what they are taking without jumping up in price ridiculously. New on our website, we have been getting a lot of positive feed back and naturally as you would expect its helping people claim back some independence in their life. Personally I have not yet used this product from Love Hemp but i use the 3% by Endoca and know the quality and effect i am looking for and would not hesitate to use the 8% CBD oil that Love Hemp have made. As far as natural food supplements go its right up there with Endoca and Cibdol.

4. Endoca 30% Golden Raw Hemp Oil CBD & CBDa Extract -10g 

This is an outstanding concentrate CBD product made by Endoca who is you have been reading this blog will know I like a lot. This product is attached to some sadness despite is superior quality and strength As natural Hemp food supplements go, we find this one is used by those with severe if not life threatening illnesses who are trying to alleviate pain ans shrink tumors etc. Again it best to not assume this will help or cure you, it probably won't but what we have heard via our customers is that it has been giving people who thought otherwise a new lease on life and reviews and recommendations such as this are not to be downplayed, this is an effective way to rid yourself of pain according to our customers. We have several people who buy 4 a month and swear by it so do your research and if you need the most effective high strength concentration of CBD & Coda going then we suggest trying this product out. Even if you don't require such a potent CBD extract you can always take it in smaller doses and that way it actually ends up being very cost effective. Endoca is the name to trust in the heavily diluted CBD industry, no synthetic cbd or fillers only pure organic hemp used to make this outstanding product.

Thank you for reading through our blog on CBD oils, we hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact us or interact with the blog. Quintessential tips operates in an honest manner and tries to ensure customer satisfaction at all times, don't forget we have free UK delivery via a courier and we do same day dispatch if possible on all orders.