Truro is known as an historically beautiful Cornish town that is also our capital because of the incredibly ornate cathedral that blesses our town centre skyline.  With a truly interesting and varied shopping culture that differs from other towns and cities in that it still maintains its independent and family run business's unlike so many other towns that have sold its soul for a slice of corporate money. 

Take a walk around the city to get a feel for the cobbled streets and tiny shopping lanes full of cool and interesting shops and we promise you will bypass Plymouth for good if thinking of a day out shopping, its either Truro or Exeter for many people out and about looking for some retail therapy as the quality of what's on offer is very good.

We are even going to be getting a Primark in Truro apparently, a colossal  waste of a building but it will create many low paid zero hour contracts to enslave our locals just like the poor people who make the products in foreign lands all be it in better conditions, so that's reassuring - but don't let that put you off.  Come walk eat and shop amongst some epic Cornish architecture and if its sunny relax in Victoria gardens or down at Malpas for some brilliant pubs and river views from the Heron Inn.

We love Truro and no matter what you are into there is a shop for you here. If you are a smoker or a person of alternative tastes please head down to Quintessential Truro based on Kenwyn street for Cornwall's biggest and best priced selection of rolling papers both king size, Spanish size and regular. Not to mention pipes and bongs both glass and acrylic with no other retailer even able to match the quality of the products or service offered. If your a smoker, a vaper or just love cool ethnic gifts then there is no better place to do your Christmas shopping.

Its unlike any shop you will of ever been in with everything under one roof including ethical furnishings, clothing and of course the world famous smoking roach tips for which they are known.  And brand new in is our incredibly popular CBD Oil range sourced from organic hemp fields in Europe. This has had a great reception and is the best natural pain reliever going with absolutely no additives so perfect for people who ave arthritis, joint pain etc. It is sold as food supplement but is one of the most powerful supplements we have ever tried with noticeable results within 1 10ml bottle.

Long story short if your going to be doing shopping in our wickedly cool capital then make your way to Quintessential for the most accessible alternative store going - It is the diffrence