CBD Oil is the new health supplement or elixir of the moment that is weeping the world by storm. Its now 2015 and quite clearly the war on drugs has failed, with even the most hardened anti cannabis people ( not many left) softening their position as more and more scientific evidence is released. It does make you wonder though about the legitimacy of our so called ruling elite, what we have in England now is certainly not democracy and actually its not even close to being anything near what we all imagine a democratic society is. How can a substance that's completely natural be so downtrodden, could it be that the same people who own our mainstream media are also in control of the big pharmaceutical companies, no surely not, and could those same people have ownership of our politicians? 

Now please dust off that tin foil hat and carry on reading, its not our intention to expose our society any more so than needed as it must be obvious to many people that our society is sick but what really infuriates is that as usual money wins out over health. Got cancer then you will need radiation and chemotherapy costing the NHS a fortune and the shit hardly even works. But want to take a natural herb to alleviate pain and increase appetite, sorry your a criminal.

Now we have an endocanibinoid system present within our bodies yet since the beginning of the war on drugs or how we term it the USA's war on people, there has been little research into this and with no medical background I am going to say that if we have this system that's been singled out and purposely ignored by our medical profession and society at large then this would seem like a major reason why human health in western countries is deteriorating and why cannabis or hemp use is discouraged.

I may be wrong but the logic i am going for is this : if they say its bad for you, its probably not and if they say its ok for you then its probably killing you. weed / hemp is bad but alcohol is fine and socially acceptable - you do the math.

CBD oils, pastes extracts and suppositories are changing people opinions all over the place with people from different backgrounds all having the same thin in common, their health. now i am not saying CBD oil will cure diseases but the evidence for CBD hemp products and the Rick Simpson oil is that its a game changer and in answer to our own question, can CBD help me the answer is definitely yes.

All our staff have taken both Cibdol and Endoca CBD products and the first thing noticed is increased rest from sleep. After that one of out staff members who has a ulcer found that it had shrunk within a week of taking the Cibdol cbd oil (4%) and has since found that old sports injuries have less pain than normal.

Try one bottle of CBD oil to see if you can benefit from this wonder ingredient, and if nothing is gained you will not of wasted to much money, however if it is beneficial then carry on and like many of our customers do and you will feel like you have the ability to get on top of the things holding you back without resorting to chemical cocktails endorsed by big pharma.

Please note we encourage you to speak to your GP first to get his or her evaluation on the subject, if they say no its harmful or dismiss it out of hand without giving it any thought, we then suggest moving GP as they are not interested in your health, they are interested in making money, moving the patients on quickly and have already given up on their profession. There should not be any pre conceived notions when it comes to healthcare - only the truth and they cant given because the powers that be wont allow it. 

Why though would anyone want to hide the information or prevent it becoming normalized, through the war on drugs for example - I imagine money and power is the answer. But don't let this doom and gloom blog put you off trying CBD products, it may be the best thing you ever do. just do your research and trust in yourself and the power of nature to heal.