One of the biggest and fastest-growing trends in today’s market is the use of Cannabidiol oil. Cannabidiol, more commonly referred to as CBD, is the compound found in the cannabis and hemp plant, a plant linked with highly controversial uses in the past. Its wide use in the recreational industry makes it valuable for those seeking alternative treatments for chronic illnesses.

Understandably, despite all the accounts of people lauding its effects, many are still sceptical of its use. Due to its illicit reputation, critics still hold many misconceptions about its effect, use, and purpose—which inevitably breeds even more misinformation about the product in today’s market.

In order to clear some of them out, here are four of the most common misconceptions about CBD oil today.

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Misconception #1. It will get you high.

Because of its ties with the cannabis plant, many believe that ingesting any amount of CBD can give you a high. While the cannabis plant does have the tendency to induce a psychoactive effect, CBD-isolate oil actually would not. The reason for this is that the component tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is not present in high enough amounts or at all—and it is this that can induce the feeling of a “high.”

Modern distillation methods have made it possible to extract CBD from hemp plants, allowing for a more isolated extraction process. This, in turn, allows you to benefit from the CBD without worrying about the other less-than-reputable effects.

Misconception #2. It takes effect instantly.

CBD oil, much like most alternative modes of treatment, takes time. Although many attest to the strong calming and therapeutic effects of CBD oil use, this does not mean you’ll feel a life-changing difference as soon as you start taking it. 

Using CBD oil won’t take effect immediately, but through regular use, you’ll start noticing a level of calm entering your life. You will begin to experience a more relaxed mood overall, allowing you to be more rational when facing challenges in your life.

Misconception #3. It’s a wonder drug

Despite how beneficial CBD oil sounds like for daily use, it’s not a wonder drug that can magically resolve all the problems in your life. For one, it’s still considered an alternative method, which many medical professionals don’t particularly take to when considering treatment options.

Beyond that, taking CBD won’t suddenly make everything better just by taking your first dose. Much like any health supplement, these take time and proper dosages, improving your health one small step at a time.

Misconception #4. All CBD oil is the same

Just because the prime component of CBD is used within a product does not automatically make all products the same. Much like any consumer product, there are different brands, types, and products that contain CBD, each having different effects and affecting different people.

Following that train of thought, there are also better methods of refining and distilling the CBD oil—which is why choosing only the most reputable brands is the best option for you.


CBD is quite a beneficial product for your overall health and relaxation, but only if approached with the correct mindset. By taking a good look at the product and making yourself more knowledgable about it, you can make better decisions regarding its use for your health.

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