Quintessential Hemp  Smoking Tips Quintessential Hemp Smoking Tips[/caption] Ever wondered how to use our tips properly? its not rocket science but there are varicose tips in our range of smoking accessory products and all are easy to use.

But first lets talk about why the need to use tips is common. Unlike our american counterparts across the pond here in England and Europe the use of a "roach tip" or a "crutch is the norm when rolling up a smoke. We use them to not only provide structure to the roll up but also stop unwanted plant and herbal; materials from pulling through into your mouth when inhaling. but those two reasons aside it also stops people "bumsucking" or wetting the end to the point the cigarette wont draw properly and it also creates a nice seal on the roll up helping eliminate side burns and runs from ruining your smoking experience. Now when you take the above reasons, its hard to convince yourself that ripping the magazine cover up on the coffee table in front of you is a great choice, nor is tearing up the rolling papers packet that eventually will spill its guts and erupt papers all over the place. Not only will inferior materials or smoking tips just not cut the mustard with smoking connoisseurs but they all have been made with bleaches and chlorine that will permeate into the smoke and therefore be inhaled into the lungs. Now all smoking is bad but surely the best way to do a bad thing is to use the best materials possible to cut the harm done down.

The use of our tips is an easy one, unlike other bigger companies our tips don't fall apart, this is due the time consuming hand finished nature of the product, made in small batches and using good natural glues and materials, we are very happy that there is no other tip out there that comes close. This is probably why there are so many fakes of our product out there especially on market places like ebay and amazon. Just tear out a tip and roll backwards and forward between the thumb and forefinger till you have got the size and desired tightness you require. You could go fancy and put a s shape in to create a cool looking tip end or just roll, and insert into the roll up either before rolling along with your chosen smoking mixture or by inserting into the end of the roll up after rolling up. its that easy and you will now be having a reliable smoking experience without any hassle or extra chemicals.

We have also found for those that use cellulose filters that our product works very well in conjunction with the Zwister smoking filter or jilter as its known for an even smoother cigarette. Our versatile tips are a humble well made smoking product that we hope you enjoy using as much as we do. All our tips are Cornish made, from our budget white tips all the way through to our Pure Hemp premium smoking tips you can be sure when using a quintessential crutch your getting a superior product. Hemp, Pure, Rolling Papers,Roach,Smoking,Tobacco Premium Pure Hemp Smoking Tips