Hello and welcome to our first wordpress blog from Quintessential Tips. We as a company are into sustainable products and seek to provide smokers with a roach tip that is second to none quality wise. we also have some new and exciting product releases that will hit the stores soon so please, keep checking back to see what's new and exciting in the world of smoking accessories.


Organic Hemp Coated Smoking Roach Tips

Love the Hemp Tips, If your a smoker and tired of tearing your rizla packet up to make a sub standard roach tip, why not try using our "Quintessential Smoking Roach Tips" it will save your rolling papers from falling apart and will also give you a non chlorinated or chemically bleached roach tip to draw the smoke through thus saving your lungs from more unwanted carcinogens. And to the people that rip up magazines to use as roach, please think of your health, smoking is bad enough that we as concious manufacturers decided to make a roach tip of superior quality that not only does not fall apart like so many inferior tips, but our manufacturing process and materials used all compliment each other to ensure the very best smoking experience possible.


We are very proud to be based in Cornwall and produce hand finished smoking accessories for the world market, a Cornwall first. If you have never been to visit Cornwall your missing out on what could be called the prettiest county in England and in-between visiting our beautiful beaches pop into our shop and say hello for a warm welcome and friendly chat. Please take a moment out of your busy day to like and review our products both on our website and on our social media, we are very appreciative of all the love felt for our products and pride ourselves from not becoming sell-outs in the smoking industries, something many others did with no shame, after all if your going to talk the talk, be prepared to walk the walk. And as such we are proud to not only sell but use what we create, and wholeheartedly hope you do as well.