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Dutch Harvest RAW Hemp CBD Tea - Various Delicious Loose Tea Blends

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    Dutch Harvest RAW Hemp CBD Tea - Hemp & Cocoa, Hemp Chai, Hemp & Herbs & Simply Hemp are the signature tea blends from the tea makers extraordinaire's Dutch Harvest who are committed to providing a great tasting and easy way to consume hemp cbd tea. We already have a large CBD Hemp Tea Selection and these new blends from the Nederlands are the perfect addition for those in the UK, Europe and worldwide who enjoy the ritual of drinking fine hemp teas to relax and unwind from the hectic lifestyles we lead, after all nothing beats a fresh cuppa tea at any time of day. These Hemp CBD tea products come in loose format and not in tea bags as you may be traditionally used to however loose tea provides some advantages over traditional tea bags for example brewing loose leaf tea in a teapot allows you to make small or large batches for drinking exactly to your flavour and taste requirement without any loss or waste meaning you can regulate your intake in a more cost effective manner making the tea last longer, also you can see exactly whats in it which is always reassuring especially as the hemp leaves remain fairly large. This product also may contain early pre-seeds which are formed in the flower and will be present in the blend and will also add flavour. You can choose Dutch Harvest's signature blends from the drop down menu at the top of the listing and if you keep reading we will explain more about each tea blend Dutch Harvest produce and the tea drinking experience you will attain by purchasing and drinking them.


    The Taste of this Dutch Harvest hemp tea comes from the materials used in the manufacturing process, in the case of the Dutch Harvest Tea products the base ingredients which are the same flowers and leaves used in the preparation of the Loveburgh RAW CBD oils & Pastes. However the easiest way to describe hemp CBD tea which is unflavoured with other ingredients is to compare it to a green tea but less bitter. it has green notes, floral notes and sweet notes and in the Simply hemp unflavoured version of the Harvest tea its also very refreshing and invigorating taste that can be enhanced with lemon or organic honey as you prefer.


    Dutch Harvest Hemp Chai Blend

    This is Dutch Harvest's representation of the Chai Tea blend that originated in India and the Hindu Kush region. Chai is such a popular drink and every family will have there own recipe for the perfect Chai blend.  The word "Chai" in India commonly means tea and the word can be heard on every street comer as the Chai Wallah's ply their trade. Usually, Chai tea has a base of black or green tea, but hemp tea is also a basic ingredient to make a delicious mild, full Chai which is combined with other fine ingredients, usually Cardamon, Ginger, Cinnamon and Pepper. This additions create a warming tea drinking experience which invokes a feeling which can only be described as bliss, its probably my favourite non traditional tea and it i will happily drink it any time of day.This Hemp & Chai tastes full, powerful, spicy and sweet. If you have never tried Chai before why not make the first one a Dutch Harvest Signature Chai blend - you can thank us later.

    Ingredients: Hemp leaf, flower and seed * (60%), lemongrass **, fennel seed **, cinnamon **, ginger **, parsley **, cardamom **, pink pepper **, licorice **.


    Dutch Harvest Hemp & Herbs Blend

    This is the tea for all the herbal tea lovers out there, Dutch Harvest have created a supreme floral blend that is a soft easy drinking blend of some very well received herbs including Marigold & Lentil Blossom amongst others and then blended with the hemp cannabidiol flowers and leaves to create a delicate and educated tea drinking experience that will have the hardest amongst us sighing in relief as a wave of flavour and relaxation washes over them. We are sure if you are a fan of peppermint or chamomile tea then you will also like this signature blend by Dutch Harvest.

    Ingredients: Hennepblad, Flower and Seed * (65%), Chamomile **, Peppermint **, Ginger **, Lentil Blossom ** and Marigold **.


    Dutch Harvest Hemp & Cocoa Blend


    This is a creamy and indulgent signature blend by Dutch Harvest, this mixes the hemp flowers and leaves with the "caps" of the Cocoa bean to create a hemp tea infusion that's a really pleasant and delectable tea drinking experience. The tea also incorporates rose petals and star anise. This is a an awesome new type of hemp chocolate cbd tea and we are sure you will like it as much as us. 

     Ingredients:  Hemp Leaf, flours and seeds * (70%), rose petal ** ** cocoa pods and star anise.


    The Quality - Dutch Harvest are in the process of attaining organic certification and in their own words "Our hemp is completely renewable and biologically rebuilt. Now that's not that hard, hemp can be fine without fertilizer and does not need pesticides or other pesticides. The plant grows so fast that it overlays the weeds. Due to her smell, she is unattractive for insects. However, Dutch Harvest does not have the official 'SKAL' organic label. Requesting this certificate and the checks that accompany it are costly. If we sell enough tea for the first year, we are going to apply for the official organic label for next year".* DH hemp tea is completely un-sprayed. ** All added herbs have been purchased with the certificate 'organic'. However, as we repack this, we can not officially bear the biological certificate. All herbs are pure natural and contain no added flavors or flavors.





    • Shake the bag to allow the spices to blend well
    • Use 2 tablespoons per liter of water
    • Pour boiling water
    • Allow to Steep 5 to 7 minutes.
    • Dutch Harvest CBD Hemp Tea 
    • 4 Signature Tea Blends
    • Easy to use and store
    • Flowers & Leaves Used
    • Organic Certification in Process
    • Loose CBD Hemp Tea
    • Product of the Nederlands 
    • Quality Tea Drinking Experience
    • Unwind & Relax with Dutch Harvest
    • All Day Hemp Drinking Tea
    • Made With Skill & Care
    • Simply Hemp - Fine loose leaf hemp tea
    • Hemp Chai - Fine Spiced Fragrant Tea
    • Hemp & Herbs - Fine Delicate Floral Tea
    • Hemp & Chocolate - Rich & Creamy Indulgent Tea 
    • Price - £5.95
    • Free UK Delivery* ( See T&C's)



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    We will usually refund you using the same method initially used by you to pay for your order. You may be contacted for further payment information for some payment methods. Please ensure your email is correct.


    Goods must be returned within 14 days of receipt, in their original condition and packaging
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    Under no circumstances, may items be returned to us if they have been used
    We reserve the right to refuse a refund or exchange on a return if they do not meet our returns policy
    Your statutory rights are not affected


    All Claims of loss or damage will take up to 21 days for royal Mail claims to be resolved - if required 


    High Ticket Items should only be sent using Royal Mail Special Delivery By 1pm service to ensure enough cover in the event of loss in the UK.


    High Ticket orders to USA & rest of world should only be sent using a tracked method of postage, un-tracked postage that is lost or delayed will only be compensated at the base rate set by Royal mail @ £20 if required


    Delays or loss due to Customs is out of our control - please contact us if unsure


    If required please use the added cover options for free delivery to ensure your peace of mind.

    * In the UK, items should be sent back via First Class Recorded Delivery. We will not accept extra charges for courier services or guaranteed next day services. Overseas, items should only be sent back using your countries national postal service. We recommend using an insured delivery method; however we will not accept extra charges for Fed-Ex or other overnight courier charges.


    Any question or Concerns please always email us in the first instance and we will endeavour to help you achieve a resolution.

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