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Cannabis Terpene Infusion Products

This category is for CBD and Hemp based products that have been infused with real cannabis Terpenes - these include CBD and Cannabinoid crystals and crumbles, E-liquids and juices, Dab Wax and other new to be release products.  Some of these products will also be in the hemp CBD vape and dabbing section however this collection only includes products that have been made using real cannabis Terpenes and no fake or synthetic terpens or cannabinoids.  Terpenes are all the rage right now and more and more research is being done on them and their natural properties. 

The iconic and unmistakable aroma of real cannabis is such because of certain molecules contained and naturally present within the plant, otherwise known as Terpenes, these are the same molecules that give plants and fruits their own unique and special aroma and smell and this is what has been extracted to create these flavoured CBD crystals. When we talk about real Cannabis Terpenes, that is what we mean, there is no synthetic flavourings or additives used  These products are incredibly aromatic and delicious and the Terpenes have been extracted from the very same strain of Cannabis plant itself, e.g. AC/DC. You can literally smell the zingy, fresh pineapple in the Pineapple Express and the juicy strawberry in Strawberry AK so you can imagine just how good the OG Kush will smell and taste

The Terpene infused CBD Crystals take CBD isolate or crystals to a whole new level for the cannabinoid consumer. It has recently come to light that it is not only CBD and THC which boast numerous natural health benefits, but the modest molecule, the  cannabis Terpene, is in fact full of its own health promoting properties; you could refer to it as the “unsung hero” of the cannabis plant and over the next year or so you are going to see many new and exciting terpene products hitting the UK and world markets so stay tuned for much much more to be hitting the market.