Where terpenes are concerned, most people almost automatically associate them with cannabis. However, the truth is that terpenes can be found in nearly all fauna and (although rare) even in some species in the animal kingdom. In the case of cannabis plants themselves, there are many reasons why one should look into the terpenes of cannabis. 

If you are new to buying cannabis, you may not yet be aware of the importance of looking into the terpenes of cannabis plants. This blog post will shed some light on how terpenes play an essential role in the quality of cannabis plants and cannabis products.

Why Terpenes Are Important in Determining the Quality of Cannabis

Like their chemical counterparts, cannabinoids, terpenes occur in larger quantities in the female species. The reason behind this is that the most critical part of the cannabis plant is the flower. This goes for the plant itself, not just for the humans who use cannabis for their medical needs. This is because, in the flowers, we can find the seeds that have been pollinated. 

The distinct smell of weed is caused by a terpene called myrcene. This terpene gives the pot its unique aroma and cannot be found in any other plant variety. No matter what pot variety, myrcene can be found. 

The Function of Terpenes

Depending on the reason why you are using weed, there are different terpene profiles to be considered. Choosing the right strain of cannabis can play an essential role in your treatment. Some varieties are great for managing pain, and others can reduce inflammation for patients who are dealing with arthritis. The therapeutic properties of each type of terpene will help patients better manage the symptoms caused by their disease. 

How Terpenes Work in Conjunction with THC And CBD

The great thing about terpenes is that although they work wonders on their own because of their miraculous therapeutic qualities, they can also be used at the same time with cannabinoids. The use of the two together is often referred to as the Entourage Effect. 

People ask what the benefit terpenes have on the use of cannabinoids. The short answer is that terpenes can speed up the absorption of CBD into the bloodstream of the patient. Other terpenes may also have a sedative effect on patients who need to relax and free their minds from the stress that often comes with dealing with a chronic illness. 

Other significant effects come with the Entourage Effect. Asking a doctor about this will help you better know which ones to use to manage your symptoms. 


Knowing the role terpenes play is essential for people who want to use cannabis to improve their health and wellbeing. Choosing the right strain of cannabis to help combat pain in relation to chronic illnesses will help the patient have a better quality of life. Brushing up on your knowledge of the cannabis and hemp industry will help you ensure that you always get the correct type of cannabis to use for your medical needs.

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