What is happening in the UK CBD industry at the moment. It looks like things are getting pretty murky right now if you are a CBD consumer in the UK or worldwide for that matter and there is a lot of stuff going on which leaves a real bad taste and its not just the flavour of some of the CBD Oils. Fake products, fake reviews, multi level selling, medical claims and more. Welcome to the world of Hemp natural food supplementation. 

Cannabidiol - Cannabidol uk

You will be able to see the cannabis and hemp supplement market in the UK increasing dramatically at the moment. From the CBD oil drops to the new vape products and everything in-between, which is great. Innovation is the key to success for any business and an industry but this rapid innovation does come at a cost to the user in that corners will always inevitably be cut by those who only wish to make profit. Claims, marketing and adverts will not always be true, leaving CBD consumers open to the potential for being left with a product of low quality which has cost them the same as a good product or more in some cases. And now with the new influx of businesses, most with no connection to cannabis or hemp bringing out products with little thought, you need to proceed with caution.

Amazon & eBay seem to have a high concentration of the dodgy sellers and products on their platforms, and we would ask that you exercise extreme caution on these platforms when it comes to purchasing CBD products. They technically do not allow CBD or cannabis products on their platform yet many can still be found (including our oil). Unlike our oils, some of these sellers (not all) make outlandish claims about CBD and illnesses and disorders. And don't trust amazon or eBay reviews, they can all be bought online, just do a quick search and double check. This behaviour is not limited to Amazon & eBay though and sadly right across the board many bad sellers of CBD products openly prey on people's pain, fear and weakness to make sales. Some of these sellers even try to get their products on our CBD platform.

Bad CBD Oil Sellers UK

We get asked to list products for new businesses on nearly a daily basis and some are worthy and good businesses, but most are not. Almost eight out of ten products brought to our attention at the moment are just a nonsense product or either very overhyped and overpriced or equally worrying very overhyped and dirt cheap. Once you go through the marketing and pull apart the claims, it becomes clear the products and the people behind them are just wishing to cash in on a fast growing market (excuse the pun) without actually doing any research or taking the time to learn. It's just a race to try to grab some share of the market as quickly as possible. I bet you a fair amount of them were anti cannabis and hemp until they worked out money could be made and some probably still have these views at heart. 

Sad stories of failed wholesale sales to us all pretty much follow the same route and its worth you the consumer understanding how the process works  - we get sent an email saying how great we are and how wonderful our platform is and how their CBD product is the next best thing and how they intend to dominate the CBD market etc and can undercut everyone else's prices and then it becomes clear once you start asking questions that they are just selling cbd products made with isolate and are a start up and know little to nothing about cannabis. But the PDF look fab and it promises so much.....

Please, as CBD users and consumers you need to do your homework and understand that there is little honesty about when money is concerned. Shysters all have one goal and one goal only, to separate you from your hard-earned money via any technique possible. If it looks too glitzy or is making promises of  medical cures or what it can treat etc then you know it's a product to avoid. The sheer amount of new sellers and people launching products in an unregulated industry should be a cause for your concern. Unless of course you trust in capitalism to ensure you get the most value for your money.

 Please Comment and share your own CBD oil horror stories below.