Cannabidiol (CBD) has become an increasingly popular substance for therapeutic purposes among many people. Studies suggest that CBD may help substantially in reducing symptoms of anxiety, sleep deprivation, and pain or discomfort, among others. As CBD doesn’t have psychoactive properties, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), this cannabinoid induces more therapeutic benefits to help the body feel laxer, reducing the user’s stress levels.

The more conventional form of consuming CBD has been direct oral ingestion of oil form. Nowadays, however, other forms of CBD ingestion have surfaced, one of which is vaping.

Vaping CBD oil eliquids may not seem too different from oral ingestion. After all, you’re taking the same substance, only differently. Even so, little did you know that there are benefits to vaping CBD oil, and it might be the best method for CBD consumption yet. Here’s why:

Vaping CBD Oil Allows for a More Comprehensive Experience

Contrary to popular belief, swallowing CBD oil may actually reduce the effects you would otherwise have when vaping the substance. Because the oil needs to travel through the digestive tract first, the actual amount of CBD that goes into your bloodstream is significantly lessened. This CBD that the blood uses is called “bioavailable” cannabidiol. When you intake CBD oil orally, the bioavailable CBD doesn’t reach the bloodstream faster, and when it does, the effects are still limited.

By vaping CBD oil e liquids, the amount of bioavailable CBD that reaches the bloodstream is far more than through oral ingestion. Additionally, the positive effects of the substance will be felt in just a short amount of time since it won’t need to travel through the digestive tract.

Types of CBD Vapes

CBD vape cartridges come in two basic forms: pre-filled or disposable cartridges of CBD, and reusable vape cartridges that you can refill with CBD oil e-juice.

The most used method in the UK will remain the CBD Eliquid bottles, which are either 10ml or 30ml which you used to refill the tank on your vape mod as you would with nicotine e-cigarettes. 

CBD Vaping as a Form of Treatment

The user-friendly aspect of CBD vaping makes it easier for starters to get into. People say, if you’re suffering from illnesses or feel chronic pain in different parts of your body, you may find CBD vaping beneficial to reducing symptoms and alleviating discomfort. CBD vapes also mean you can easily bring it with you to use when you need it.

Some common conditions that users target using CBD vaping are migraine and nausea. The calming effects of CBD can also be beneficial for users who are experiencing irritability and agitation. Additionally, CBD vaping is also a form of smoking cessation, which can help tobacco smokers to quit smoking altogether.

CBD Vaping for Wellness

CBD vaping can also benefit users who are in need of a calm-inducing substance to break free from daily stress and anxieties. Vaping CBD oil can make you achieve a better, optimistic mindset that helps in achieving a well-balanced life. CBD also promotes the feeling of mindfulness, making users worry less about the trivial aspects of their daily lives, allowing them to enjoy it as intended.


Oral ingestion of CBD oil won’t be going anywhere soon. It’s still a widely accepted form of CBD intake. However, if you’re looking for a more convenient alternative and a more effective method of CBD ingestion, CBD vaping may just be right for you.

It is worth pointing out though that CBD eliquid vaping is not hassle-free and many of the suppliers of products use cheap ingredients so while vaping is a good option, IMHO CBD oil is still far better quality-wise.

You also can't vape CBD oil meant for oral administration, you should only vape liquids designed to be vaped such as e-lquids and e-juices.

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